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 10/14/2002 8:25 PM
 Modified By johnchurn  on 3/4/2011 7:32:18 PM

Here's a shot of the Harley Lift. You see a lot of posts asking about the possibilites of installing this kind of weight. It's the only one I have seen in my travels with a large platform that lowers to the ground. I am famliar with the Overbilts. They are pretty common. The Black Widow hooks to the hitch on the back.

Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
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 11/3/2002 5:04 PM
Hi to both of you! I was just scanning through the pics forum and saw your post. Now that is a VERY cool way to haul a Harley! Me and my husband just bought a Jayco Talon ZX Toy Hauler a few weeks ago (a travel trailer that opens in the back to put your bike in....) so we can haul our Harley and camp in. My husband is also into making things with his welder and will really appreciate what you've done here. That is so great! Is that a Heritage Softail Classic you have there? It's a real beauty!! We have a Black 2002 Heritage Softail Classic that we bought a year ago and the fun has not STOPPED!! We love to camp too, so we bought the toy hauler this year. I think it's SO nice to find another couple that has the same idea!! Nice going!!
Rhonda & Allyn Elkins from North Carolina (hey...have you been to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and rode the Blue Ridge Parkway yet? If not....you really should....is is a bikers and campers DREAM!!!!! Rhonda

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 11/4/2002 1:27 PM
Hi Rhonda & Allyn,
Thanks for looking. The Harley you see is a 91 FXSTC custom made to look like a 49 or 50 model, with some late model extras.
As far as the Blue Ridge Parkway, my wife is from Roanoke,Va, and when we worked there,we used to live on the parkway.
We traveled 3 years on the road fulltime , and have been to every state except Alaska. Our Harley has been ridden in probably 35 states. We almost wore the mixture adjustment out on the S&S carb, because everytime you would change elevation more than 5000 feet the bike wouldn't run right. Either it was smoking black or it was cutting off.
Hope you enjoy your rig and traveling as much as we have.
Bye the way, our home park for Coast to Coast is Pinehurst,NC. So we know your state.
Big Bad John & Runaround Sue Big Bad John & Runaround Sue

Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
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 11/5/2002 3:53 AM
Hi again:
Thank you for your reply and info. What a beautiful Harley! I see you know the Blue Ridge Parkway well then. We are just beginning the motorcycle fun as well as the camping fun. We don't know anyone (yet) that combines the camping (with a trailer) with a motorcycle yet, but we're hoping to meet more this spring. We are not fulltimers of course, but still work and only do this on our time off. Gosh, it sure does look like ya'll have fun! I saw your other pics and it must be pure heaven to be able to travel around the country like that! Thank you again for your reply. Happy travels!! If you ever have time...I'd love to hear about your travels and what sorts of ways you combine your riding with camping.
Thank you! Rhonda

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 11/6/2002 11:12 AM
Hi again: I was going to post a pic of me, my husband and our Harley, but I don't currently have a picture posting site to use and I guess just the Harley with no camper may not be relevant to this forum anyway. I have a pic on my computer that I've scanned. Anyway, thanks again for the post. Rhonda

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 7/24/2003 9:14 PM
2 things-
Love the Harley and the lift.. Long time biker here myself.
My next RV will be another Allegro, or the Newmar.
I'd like to know MORE about your experiences with your Newmar.
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 7/25/2003 10:48 AM
Hello Jwkoba,
Thanks for the interest.
We have a 97 Newmar, and picked it because of the satisifaction ratings at the time, compared to all other brands.
We have had no trouble with the Newmar portion of the motorhome. No interior trim faults, no trouble with the appliances, no trouble with the slide. They use very good products and engineering and the floor plans are usually well thought out.
We wish we could say the same for the Spartan Chassis. I think we have had more problems than we should have. So far we have replaced two air levelers on the air suspension. Replaced the power steering pump in Calagry, Canada to the tune of $1300.00. Replaced the dash air evaporator fan. Had the air dryer rebuilt 3 times at $200.00 a crack. The cummins motor and allision transmission have been flawless. 300 Cummins, 3060 Allison. Our cruise control went bad, no replacement parts, original company out of business, new replacement unit 900.00 plus labor. I'll have to brag on Spartan on that item . They did give me a replacemnt unit and I installed it, so there was no cost. They didn't have to do that because it was out of warranty, but they did. We have a power tech 7000 watt diesel generator and have never had a problem with 475 hours on it. We are completely Amsoil synthetic in the motor, transmission, generator.
I have come to the conclusion that all motorhomes give trouble no matter how much they cost, but you do have to do the reasearch on the ones that have know enginnering problems from the beginning and stay away from them. Re: Like the American Eagles of the late ninetys that had overloaded and unbalanced front ends and undersize tires.
I personally did not think Newmar was very friendly when we visited the factory, and have talked to a lot of people with Allegros and they rant and rave about their service. I have heard when you go to Allegro shows or ralley's, they will fix an item for free regardless of the age. When you buy Newmar you are completely on your own after the warranty.
The both are equal and I wouldn't hesitate on either, it just depends which floor plan and exterior color combination you perfer.
The Newmar carries the 1200 pounds of weight on the rear with NO noticeable change in steering. We have a 21,750 empty weight, and 26,000 loaded, 31,000 combined.
Hope this helps.
Big Bad John & Runaround Sue This message was edited by johnchurn on 7-25-03 @ 10:04 AM

Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
New Post
 11/30/2003 7:59 AM
 Modified By johnchurn  on 3/4/2011 7:33:06 PM

Here is the post you were looking for. Big Bad John & Runaround Sue

Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
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 11/30/2003 4:13 PM
Hi John you wrote an AWESOME reply and answered my questions. The Allegro folks do have what it takes in the customer service area that I can attest to as well. I do kinda like the Newmar floor plans a bit better BUT I think I will go with what I know is a good thing for now. I was wondering if you ever came across anyone with the Harley Lift (and where did you buy that thing) on a gas chassis? (Work Horse chassis) And if so does of would it throw off the weight ratio needed in the rear? I can think of a big advantage when it comes to weight management and a diesel pusher compared to the gas rig. When the Work Horse came out a couple years ago that totally screwed things up for me on my decision making between gas and diesel. If they would have stayed with the Ford V-10 it would have been a diesel hands down. Now I’m thinking differently. Also if I did get the gas rig I think I’d probably put air bags on the suspension to help smooth things out a bit. ANYWAY- I sure do appreciate your input.
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 12/1/2003 12:21 PM
Very impressive unit you have there...I have some questions at your leisure:
1. What's the weight capacity of the lift? I have a 2003 BMW K1200LT that I'm looking for ways to take with me in my new motorhome, whatever I end up buying.
2. What's the hitch rating for attaching a toad to the lift? Currently have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler...
3. Where did you buy that thing in the first place? I'm truly interested....
p.s. - I really love how you utilize the pictures forum - it's really been great allowing me to spend hours daydreaming.... Gene Dwiggins, San Antonio TX 1994 34' Fourwinds class A 2003 Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition

Gene Dwiggins Blanco, TX 1984 Shasta 35L 5'er, 2014 Ford F350 Super Duty Platinum dually crew cab 6.7 turbo diesel
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