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 6/27/2006 9:45 PM
Fajita Steak
In the morning take 1 sirloin steak, cut to bite size small onion, blended well in blender salt, pepper, garlic powder, to taste 1 lime, cut in half and juiced. 1 Tablespoon vinegar (optional) we like this flavor, so add it.
Place steak in sturdy Ziplok bag. Add rest of ingredients to bag..toss in the lime halves, after juicing them. Close bag and stir around with hands.
Place in the refrigerator. Occasionally thru the day.. Get meat package and "mush it around" to spread and stir the marinade thru the meat.
About 45 minutes before eating..
1 T Olive or Canola Oil large diced onion large diced bell pepper
Heat Olive or Canola Oil in skillet..Olive Oil is better for you, but I cannot acquire a taste for it. Add steak mix and large diced onion and bell pepper. Discard the lime halves..
Stir and cook meat on medium high..When it begins to get tender... taste for salt and pepper..Add if necessary..
When meat is tender and done enough.. turn heat to high..to boil off the liquids and brown the steak.
While steak is cooking:
Dice a small amount of lettuce and tomato together.. Add fresh diced green jalapeños if you wish. Heat flour tortillas.. Sour cream shredded cheese
When the steak is done... Place meat mixture in heated flour tortillas, top with salad mix. Add tad of sour cream and shredded cheese... Roll tortilla and eat.
Since DH and I are not eating carbs we finish up our meal by serving meat mix on a plate that also has a lettuce wedge, slices of jicama, slices of fresh cucumbers and diced tomatoes..
This is good.. Meat cooks good on the grill too and gives it an extra pizazz to the flavor.. Joella
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