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 3/11/2006 6:56 AM
Crock Pot Enchiladas

1 pound lean ground beef -- browned and drained 1 cup onions -- chopped 1/2 cup green pepper -- chopped 1 can kidney or pinto beans (do not drain) 15 ounces diced tomatoes and green chilies -- do not drain 1/3 cup tomato sauce 2 teaspoons chili powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon salt -- or to taste 2 cups low fat Mexican cheese -- shredded 6 flour tortillas, about 7"
Cook chopped onion and green peppers in a non-stick skillet until clear.
Add browned ground beef and next 7 ingredients.
Cook on low for 10 minutes.
Put 3/4 cup meat mixture in bottom of crockpot, then a tortilla, and sprinkle with 1/3 cup grated cheese
Repeat this layer 5 more times, and pour any remaining meat mixture over the top layer.
Cover and cook on low, about 6 -7 hours Life is full of surprises, just go with the flow !
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 3/11/2006 1:06 PM
My tummy is growling big time - and this is one of yours I didn't have!!! I'll be making it real soon. Smiling is contagious - try it!

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 3/12/2006 8:44 PM
Hi Barbzee, When you say 15 oz. tomatoes and chilies, do you mean one can combined? Think I'll try those soy crumble things for my family. This sounds like a perfect summer recipe, when you don't want to heat up the kitch. In another recipe you mentioned Rotel tomatoes -- Wow, tried the "mild" and couldn't eat it...too dang hot. Better add a warning :gasp:
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 3/13/2006 9:17 AM
You know,Cheerio...those Rotels can be different..Most times the mild suits me, but there is the rare time they sneak a hot one in. I am very sensitive to peppers.... so sometimes when DH makes his Pinto Beans...I can eat them...sometimes not.
When I can eat things with Rotels in them...they surely give a good flavor!!
I'm going to try this recipe. Can't believe I have NO hamburger in the joint!!! :) That's one of my staples, can do SO much with hamburger! Jomilt from Texas

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