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 2/26/2012 6:12 PM

I'm a single woman, age 36, with 11 cats and 1 bird, in a 1975 Dodge F40 Class C. I've been homeless since the hurrican/flood of 2006, and bought the motorhome as a way to have a roof over my head again, after 6 long years of living in a tent and a car.

I have a few questions first off:

For starters the motorhome did not come with a generator, it did come with a furnace but at some point that blew up and needs to be replaced, and the water tanks are all full of anti-freeze seeing as it's the dead of winter in Maine, and I just bought her this week, from a family who only used her a couple of weeks out of the year. So on to the questions:

#1) What size/brand generator do you recommend I get, if I plan to run a computer, TV, and a couple of kitchen appliances (Magic Bullet, toaster oven, and waffle iron)?

#2) A new furnace is going to cost $800 to $1,000, which I don't have. Do I really need a furnace (I live in a region that gets 8 months of snow, has 3 months in a row of -20F temps, and rarely goes above 60F in the summer) or can I buy a Mr Heater Big Buddy (or a similar portable LP heater) and put that in the compartment where the furnace is instead? (which costs about $100). Is this a good heater to use, have you used it in place of a furnace, or is there another brand you recommend instead?

#3) How the heck do I flush the water tanks and put water in them again? I have no access to hose hook ups or a septic tank, and the only dump station I know of in the area doesn't open until April. Does this mean I'm stuck with out use of my sinks, shower, and toilet until April when the dump station opens? Or do I have other options I'm over looking?

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 2/26/2012 7:49 PM

Welcome! And I have no answers for you except that maybe to check truckstops for dumpstations and water is usually available too.

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 2/26/2012 11:22 PM

oh my what a lot of questions and all important I think what you need to do is move this over to where more will see it that will be able to help you more

Alice had a good idea check for dumps at the truck stops...you will have to dump your tanks and flush them out! how do you do that I don't know and DH is in bed

as to heater will you be plugged in? if so I don't know why you couldn't use the heater just make sure you can use something of that nature watage wise in your rig that is why I think you should ask the questions in another area ....


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 2/27/2012 1:05 PM

Where are you living now? I'm wondering if electricity is EVER available. We lived in Jackson Wy and heated with a small electric heater called a "cube heater"... we had two..one in the living room and one in bathroom/bedroom area. You can buy these heaters at Walmart for about $10 or so.They kept our 35' fiver comfy warm.

I would supposed you would be out of luck for on board water supply unless you brought in bottles of water till the thaw comes. I do not know about Mr. Heater Big Buddy. I know that using propane with a furnace really eats up the propane--- and was thinking if you lived in a cheaper park with utilities available in the long run would be less expensive for you than propane, water and you'd have sewerage as well. In a park-- you'd have water in winter ---as would not STORE it on board...but use it out of the water faucet as needed... and sewerage too. That helps.

Do you have family near--- as if I lived in a place with 8 months of snow and 3 months of below -20*... if I had no ties... I'd be moving elsewhere! Grin..

The filling and emptying of water can come later--- when you have no freezing temps and can use it... and it is easy to do--- so don't worry about that. Lets just anwer some of the other questions, so it is easier for us to talk if we know a tad more about you.

Good luck in your new venture and home!


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 9/10/2012 9:10 AM
 Modified By BMartin3000  on 9/10/2012 8:13:24 AM

I had the same questions when I bought my RV about a year ago. I would recommend that you visit an RV dealer for more specific information. You could visit a sales floor and just ask the salesman some basic questions about RV upkeep. Or, visit YouTube and look for your answers (I placed a couple videos below this message for you). I did ask my dealer similar questions at Floyds RVs down here in Oklahoma and these are the answers I received:

1) There are many great brand generators - Kohler is one. The size that you need will obviously vary on your energy usage but it sounds like you need at least a 2600 watt. A 2600 watt will run small appliances and a fridge.

2) You can use portable space heaters - 1 or 2 depending upon how big your space is. And it would save you a lot of money.

3) Hook your clean water house to your garden tap & connect the other end to your RV clean water intake connection. Open the gray tank and turn on all faucets. Flush until the water runs and tastes clean. If the gray tank is hooked up to a sewer, place buckets underneath to catch the outflow. Then throw the gray water into a proper sewage area. Do the same with your holding tank. Turn it on and run clean water through it to flush antifreeze. If there is residual antifreeze taste, flush your system with a box of baking soda.



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