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 4/22/2008 10:02 AM
Thanks.... I am going to use a Red cardinal as my little icon....
I plan to record my adventures...putting them on a website or at the very least a blog. with a lot of photos.
I am busy right now exploring the satellite options. My rig has an older satellite system KVH tracvision LM, which I need to figure out if it works with the updated DVB satellites....
My current plan is to get Direct TV for home, then pay the $5/month to receive it in my Van.... Then utilize a Verizon air card for the Internet (mainly to receive)...then stop at a library or free wifi to upload images, etc to my blog/website).
My goal is to see how inexpensively I can live...not paying out a fortune for monthly fees, campgrounds, etc. I would rather pay more upfront (i.e. solar and satellite in motion) then not pay on an ongoing basis- having to hook up to campgrounds for tv, electric, etc.
I really just want to be free - minimize the stuff, minimize dependence on 'being connected to get connected)....lol.
Maybe I am a latent hippy. I was not a hippy when it was time to be a hippy....I must be a late bloomer.
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 4/23/2008 9:49 AM
Hi Mary! I do the same as you, pay $5 monthly for the receiver that is in our RV. However, I listed that receiver on our account as Playroom, since Direct TV DOES allow a receiver in an RV..but not all employees you talk to seem to know this! I have even been told by one, who didn't know that it was OK, what I was doing was illegal..and I had to set up separate accounts, letting them know when everytime each account was to be used and the other was to be "cut off". Of course more costly and totally un-necessary according to their own rules.
Will you be traveling alone? If so the cost of the in motion Satellite Antenna would be un-needed. You can't drive and watch TV at the same time.
Ours is the roof top automatic...and I LOVE it. I hope your current antenna works for you. Mine is Tracvision too. I like telling the story of how when it was installed I got pen and pencil and told the installer to tell me, in baby language, how to set it once we were parked. He said "OK...write this down..Turn it on...turn it off"....He was right!! It IS that simple. We have friends who have a King Dome and they have to go through more than we---- and I have seen times with us parked right beside us, they didn't get the signal!!
I saw an Ad yesterday for something for connecting to the Internet from Verizon. It plugged right into the laptop.. Was NOT a card, but a little item that sat "upright"...and the service was only $39.95 monthly. I'm going to check that out. I currently use a wifi card, and must have local wifi service.
Enjoy our Forum, Happy to have you and WELCOME!!!
Happy RVing Y'all! :) Joella
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 4/23/2008 11:38 AM
Hi Mary, nice to meet you. I am clearly much newer at this than you ;-) Look forward to hearing about your adventures! Kim Wife to Randy, Mom to Elizabeth(20) & Megan(17) and a whiny cat, Pierre (3)

Kim Wife to Randy, Mom to Elizabeth (20) and Megan (17)
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 4/23/2008 3:06 PM
Our motorhome came with the Kingdome, it's nice to just push the button and it finds the satellite dish. We also have a portable dish and use that in areas of megga trees. I have gotten the nack of tuning in the satellite dish to a fine art and get the guys scratching their heads that a woman can get it faster than the guys. One guy was having a hard time at one campground and it drove me nuts watching him so I went over and I told him simply " tip your dish up higher, I got it in 5 min" The guy thought I was joking and thought " Yeah right lady...aaah huh" I told him again this time he did and his wife yelled from the RV "Got it!!" He had been trying for 45 min!! He later said hi to me and said "Ma'am can I take you to the next campground" Made my day. I still have not gotten the 2nd receiver yet, maybe next year. When we still had the house I used to take the receiver out of the house and take it with me in the motorhome. I just can't get my Seattle channels beyond 300 miles. I also get both West coast and East coast channels. When I get the 2nd receiver I'll tell them it's for the bedroom...which would be true because when we are not at our lot in Yuma I'll have the receiver in the bedroom so we can watch different channels.
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 4/24/2008 3:45 PM
Welcome MaryinRed, I want a PleasureWay too, congratulations, I know you will love it! Welcome! Redetotry

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 4/26/2008 10:34 PM
MaryinRed, I sent you a pm. Love blogs. Check out mine at www.west99.blogspot.com
Karen Sassy and Buddy,(the labs) 30'Gulfstream Class C

Karen Sassy and Buddy,(the labs) 30'Gulfstream Class C
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 6/27/2008 11:03 PM
Hi everyone - it's me agaim too. I joined a few months ago hoping to get my new home and now I have it . I havn't had much time to use it because I'm still trying to get my house in shape to rent it so that I can go full time ( I still have space in my house to store stuff.) I also have to get the roadtrek equiped w/saterlit and hopefully solar (because I do not want to always use campgrounds) I will have a small income and hope to travel on limited budget also .My Furbabies (Tigger & Missy )are my biggest entertainment+ expense. I live in Worcester ,Ma and hope to go full time by ? Nov. Gayle

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 6/27/2008 11:19 PM
Another angel gets her wheels!! Hi, Gayle! congrats on your purhase of the RT! Don't be a stranger!
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 6/27/2008 11:34 PM
Yippee !! I'm so glad you have your new home !!! Love the pictures - thanks for sharing :D Be sure to keep us posted !!! "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." Yogi Berra
Trudy, Molly and Murphy

Trudy, Molly & Murphy "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"
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 7/5/2008 11:34 AM
Gayle, your new wheels looks great. You'll have a wonderful time with your fur-kids. Janice and Bandit the Wonder Dog (& Kiwi too!) (Wonder why I got him, Wonder why I keep him ...) 2000 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35', 2 slides, Honda CRV toad

Janice and Bandit the Wonder Dog (& Kiwi too!) (Wonder why I got him, Wonder why I keep him ...) 2000 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35', 2 slides, Honda CRV toad
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