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 1/19/2008 3:38 PM
Hello: I have visited the rvamerica site on several occasions but did not open this portion until today. My husband of 48 years passed away on Dec. 31 in Ft. Myers Florida while we were wintering in that area. He had been undergoing chemotherapy for the past 20 months. I want to encourage all women traveling in a RV to learn to drive the vehicle in which they journey. Look at all the women school bus drivers. In an RV nobody is screaming and yelling (unless it is your husband) or throwing spit balls at the back of your head. We started RVing when my husband retired from teaching in 1980. We had a small pull camper to start with. From that we purchased a 1978 Titan Motorhome and then a new 32' Allegro Bay in 1903. In 2003 we traded that in on a new Allegro. I learned to drive all of those vehicles. Although my husband liked to drive and did most of the driving, I did take all of the motorhomes by myself around our state of Ohio on occasion as I did floral demonstrations for various garden club organizations within Ohio. The RV made it convenient to carry all of the containers, plant material an backgrounds I used plus gave me my own bed and space. My son was with us when my husband died, but he had never driven the motorhome, but he has driven trucks of various sizes on occasion. The day he died our reservations ended at the campground we had reserved for the month of December. I was able to stow all of the equipment, hook up the tow car and drive from Ft. Myers Beach to Pine Island through heavy traffic. I then parked the RV at my cousins home and we flew home to make funeral arrangements. We opted not to drive the RV as there was some pretty heavy weather moving across the mountains and in Ohio. In addition I would have had to winterize the RV, and remove anything that could freeze. There was already enough on my plate and looking back it was a good move as now I can return to warm weather for a few more months. I have plans to return to Ft. Myers on the 31st and will use the remaining 6 weeks of reservations. We camp at the Army Corp. Parks along the Caloosahatchi River East of Ft. Myers. There is a 2 week limit so we move every 2 weeks to another Corp. campground. My only concern is moving without any help but as you all know, RVers are a helpful bunch of folks and I have many friends that will be in those campgrounds at the same time I am who will help me with backing into the sites. I will probably have someone come to Florida to drive home with me at the end of March.
If anyone has any suggestions, I will be glad to listen. Jan
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2003 32' Allegro Happy Trails, Jan
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 1/19/2008 8:13 PM
Jan I am so sorry you lost your lifes companion. You sound as though you are doing amazingly well. I know how hard it is though. I wholeheartidly agree with you about being able to drive, even though your husband normally does it. No one ever knows what will happen, whether it be a traumatic event like yours, or the flu, or a broken leg. Please continue to post on this Women's Forum. You sound as though you have a lot of experience and knowledge we could benefit from.

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 1/19/2008 8:31 PM
Hi Jan,
Welcome hugz. I'm so sorry to hear of your great loss. You are an amazing woman. I am impressed you have already decided to carry on with RVing, let alone be proficient at it.
You are so right, RVers are the most kind and helpful people I know. I am sure you will have no problem finding a helping hand no matter what park you're in. There have also been other suggestions about taking your time while backing into a site, setting up a guide cone or rope, or a backup camera that would help.
My last suggestion is to hang out here with us for company :)
Love, Sharon
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 1/19/2008 9:29 PM
Thanks Sharon, it is going to be a little tramatic the first few trips without a co-pilot. I have many friends that camp in the Corp. parks in Florida, just not sure who is going to be at each destination. I will keep watching this site for more information. Jan Jan

2003 32' Allegro Happy Trails, Jan
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 1/19/2008 9:31 PM
Thanks Sparkle. I will keep watching this site and keep posting as my "adventure" continues. Jan

2003 32' Allegro Happy Trails, Jan
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 1/19/2008 10:01 PM
Jan, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. I'm glad that you are doing so well.
You are so right about the ladies being able to drive the RV too. I have always driven, and have taken our various motorhomes and trailers to places alone.
Five years ago my husband was in the hospital in South Dakota and when he was released I drove us home to Texas. Good I was able to do this. An unexpected illness could find any of our "pilots" put out of driving commission...and we co-pilots must be able to assume that duty.
Happy to hear you'll be returning to Ft. Meyers and finish out the camping season. I have NO doubt fellow RVers will give any assistance needed to aid you in backing into your space, and whatever else is needed.. Nobody like RVers!!!!
I am SO glad you posted to our Forum...Keep coming back and let us enjoy your further..
Take care..

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 1/19/2008 10:37 PM
Thanks you all sound like a neat bunch of gals. You are so correct about driving and as you found out, it does come in handy. I don't know how many times I have seen something happen to the driver and the wife could not even pull the rig off the site. Most of the time they had to call a son to come and get the rig and drive it to a storage area until the driver was out of the hospital or to drive the Rv home. When my husband had his original surgery in 2001 I drove the rig between the campgrounds until he was able to drive again. Thanks for your kind words Jan

2003 32' Allegro Happy Trails, Jan
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 1/19/2008 11:45 PM
Sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I'm so glad you were forward thinking enough to be able to handle your RV by yourself. I'm sure it was good to have one less thing to worry about. Enjoy the fourm - so glad you've joined us ! Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are. Trudy, Molly and Murphy the cat

Trudy, Molly & Murphy "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"
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 1/20/2008 12:37 AM
Hi Jan, I, too, am very sorry to hear of your loss.
But your message is such a good one. You'll discover many of us ladies here are single - thus necessitating we drive our own rigs.
I'm a strong advocate that those who are married and have never done it - NEED to do so. And if they own a rig they don't feel they can ever drive - they should get a different one they can drive. Because the day may come when they have no choice - and they'll want to be prepared.
Kudos to you - for being so level-headed at such a difficult time in your life.
Hope to see lots more posts from you- and maybe meet you down the road someplace :) --------------------------- Once your reputation is ruined, you can live life quite freely :) (old German saying)

--------------------------- Once your reputation is ruined, you can live life quite freely :) (old German saying) Bethers
New Post
 1/20/2008 8:20 AM
Welcome Jan! First my deepest sympathy in the loss of your life's partner. I'm sending a cyber-hug your way. Hopefully in the future I can give you a real hug!
But what a great message you send to all of us. I agree with you about every woman being completely comfortable with her rig, whatever type it is. I have posted this same advice myself.
For those ladies whose husbands don't "let" them drive/tow,... you need to talk seriously about this.
Best wishes to you Jan, Cedar Adirondack Mts. in NY '02 Ford Escape '04 Chalet Arrowhead (C-->)
"One's world expands and contracts in direct proportion to one's courage"....Anais Nin.
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