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 6/22/2007 1:28 PM
Well, another consideration to solve the problem would be to shop for a used, very inexpensive RV (I've looked at some that were less than $7000), pay cash for it(equity loan?) and have the best of both worlds. It definitely is a personal decision to down-size, get rid of "stuff", etc. Some people never get to that point so I understand your husband's feelings. Speaking for myself though, whatever it was that kept me attached to my belongings left when I transitioned into traveling. Being in my house now for several months, I am just biding my time till I am able to be off again - I was bitten by the RV bug so I understand how you are feeling too. I would try to make your and your husband's decision "gray", not black(sell) or white (don't sell) Good luck! Marysdream Its all good!!!!!
2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)

Marysdream Its all good!!!!! 2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)
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 6/22/2007 5:59 PM
Gerry, I'd like to add my voice to the other gals. There are many options for you and if you brainstorm with the hubby I'm sure you will come up with 2 or 3 that will please both of you. My hubby and I took what we called "Great Adventures" once or twice a year that lasted anywhere from 1 to 3 months. We had a land home, too, and had a son keep things up to snuff for us. We called him to find out what mail needed attending, etc. This way we fed the wanderlust, but had the roots, too. My hubby died 3 months ago and I am very happy we did the trips when we did instead of waiting for the perfect time. He, too, worked part-time. He found a job that could be flexible and allow our travel. Options are available. Life is very short and you don't get second chances. I hope you can figure out a way for you BOTH to be happy. One good thing about the RV lifestyle - you can enjoy the same lifestyle in a tent as the folks in the Prevost. Somewhere between those two is something you can find that will allow you a house, too. Keep us posted.
Evie and fur people, Spike & Pia

Evie driving Flitter, 26' Itasca Spirit with furry co-pilot, Elsa
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 6/23/2007 11:53 AM
Welcome GerryMac! Stuff? Stuff is only the tangible, physical anchors of thought. Meant to hold you down. You only think you have to have it. What will happen to the 'stuff' when it's no longer important to the person who values it"? It becomes a burden to the person left behind. A year after becoming an empty nester it hit me. What the heck was I doing sitting on my duff and holding onto STUFF that meant nothing to anyone but myself? If anything happened to me who was gonna get 'left' with my 'stuff'? No one else would want it. And my kids sure wouldn't enjoy the job of sorting thru it. I did that with my parents 'stuff'. What a miserable time I had of it. It was sheer hard work and heartbreaking. I have wanted to go fulltime RV'ing since my youngest was about 5, he's now 25. And I am actively working towards my goal of full timing. I have sorted thu all of my stuff and am now left with an amount that will not fill a 5x10' storage room. Dang it doesn't even come close to filling half of the room. I got rid of and tossed out 'stuff' that I never dreamed I could live without. But now? I laugh at myself and truly wonder what the hell I was holding on to so much 'junk' for. And what an awesome feeling of freedom for me it is. There is a compromise there somewhere for the two of you. It's the sitting down, talking it out and deciding that will be the hard part. He wonders what the two of you will have to show for all your years of hard work??? The two of you will have wonderful adventures, pictures and memories of the full time camping trips that you will take. Memories of the freedom to go anywhere you want, whenever you want. To me that is what years of hard work does for you. It gives you the freedom of being free! Echo (who is a) future full timer a mom with her daughter back home again, single, stifled and ready to cut loose with a Pom named Shade!

Echo (who is a) future full timer a mom with her daughter back home again, single, stifled and ready to cut loose with a Pom named Shade!
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 6/23/2007 12:27 PM
I used to have an uncle who was part Indian; a quiet man of few words. Whenever someone said something that sounded especially good to him, he would say “That’s what I’m saying, that’s what I’m telling you”, even tho the man hadn’t uttered a word up till then. So Echo – what you just said to GerryMac– that’s what I’m saying, that’s what I’m telling you (GerryMac). Fancy I intend to live forever - so far so good. (Anon.)

Never take away anyone's hope; that may be all they have. (Anon)
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 6/23/2007 11:24 PM
when I began downsizing my 'stuff' to prepare to fulltime down the road I divided things up amongst the 3 kids and told them that if they wanted to pitch it all I didn't care. I have a small table that was a wedding gift to my grandma in 1919. It's just a table. I don't remember her because of it. That table has nothing to do with who she was or my memories of her. It's just a thing that, right now, is taking up space. But every time her picture comes up on my desktop screensaver another memory pops into my head. getting my ducks in a row

getting my ducks in a row
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 6/25/2007 3:26 AM
We are just the opposite, I want my stuff and the DH doesn't want stuff around. Now that I will have the extra "Casita" little house on our property in Yuma I can get my "can't get rid of stuff and put it in there and I know alot of it will go in the yard sale because I don't want it anymore.
There is something about guys and tools and being a handiman. It's like us gals we can always use a new purse of pair of shoes.
Hope you find the solution, ours was buying property in Yuma AZ. Now after the Casita is made everything will be taken out of storage and either brought down to keep or sell or just pitched. As much as I like stuff, I find living in a 40 ft home LESS is best.
In the Pickle Jar of Life Friends make a Dilly of a Difference Seeya down the road Seeya_Gal

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away
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 6/25/2007 10:07 AM
Let me add another voice to what has already been said.
Many years ago a wise man told me make the memories while you can, one day the memories may be all you have left. I remember this wise man each time I see a beatufiul mountain or a wonderful beach.
When my ex husband's mother died, all the "stuff" she had, he loaded into his truck and took it to the dump. Things I knew she had considered her treausres, he considered junk. That was a very emotional scene to me. One that will never leave me. I look at my "stuff" now and figure one day it will hit a dumpster.
If your DH needs "stuff" let him enjoy it. But encourage him to get out there and make some memories too that he can hold close just like his "stuff".
As many have said before me, there are compromises that can be made, but be sure he knows you understand his feelings about his "stuff" and he will more likely be agreeable to come around to doing some traveling.
Good luck to you.

Nan 2003 Forest River Lexington 23 feet

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 7/19/2007 1:26 AM
Hi Ladies,
This is GerryMac, the lady that wants to fulltime but whose husband wants to hang on to his stuff.
First I want to thank everyone who answered my cry for help. You were more helpfull than you will ever know and I appreciate your taking the time to convey your thoughts and ideas.
I really have hope that things are going to work out. My husband and I continue to have eye-opening discussions about our life and how we each see it unfolding.
I've discovered from him that we are more in agreement about this situation than I first thought.
He does want the freedom and the excitement of travel but fear is holding him back. You see he is a small town boy that made it good in the corporate world and because of ego he feels the need to present a certain "image",i.e. nice house, nice car etc. He wonders who will he be without all these worldily trappings. This boy has issues but don't we all.
Me, I'm the crazy creative, artistic type, ready to try anything even if I fail-to heck with what others might say.
So we will continue to talk, look at all our pictures from past adventures and take small trips when every possible. I think the more trips we take here and there the more confident he will become about going back to fulltiming. So for now he keeps his stuff and I do get to travel a little.
But I'm sure you know what I'm hoping the outcome will be in the future.
Thank you all again for your support. You were a God sent.
Sincerely, Gerry Mac
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 7/23/2007 2:27 PM
Hello, GerryMac......everyone who has posted already have given sound advise and like some of the full-timing stories, ours is the same.....sold the house, gave the stuff to the kids, bought a camper and hit the road....but the DH and I understand your hubby's hesitation.....I'm the "farm girl" and he's the "son of the factory workers".....raised to "better yourself pass your parents stuff level". And when we started our life on the road, half the people we know thought we were "nuts" and the other half were jealous....We love our life....and we saved to be able to do this young enough to enjoy it.....I'm 54 and he's 57 and we've been fulltiming for 4 years......at one time all I could think of was having a house of my own where I could pound a nail in the wall and not worry what was said about it....see, the DH spent 24 years in the military and we moved every 3 years....all I wanted was a "permanent" home.....after he retired from the Army in '92, we got the house where we could show the stuff we aquired, etc........but "stuff" also happens in life, Kids grow-up and move out, parents pass away, siblings have their own lives, second "jobs" get boring or too stressful....hence, here we are....enjoying our freedom, but visit the "stuff" when we visit the grandkids....do what we want when we want.....we do have 2 "homes on wheels" 1 in a seasonal campsite where we visit family in the summer and the 2nd for our travels in the winter........we have discussed the future when we might not be able to travel....i.e. buy a house trailer, or park model, but in the end "stuff" is just stuff....memories and time together are what counts..... Sorry about writing a book, but had to give my 2 cents worth....lol...

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;07 Dodge 5th Wheel '08 Toyota Tundra
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 7/24/2007 12:20 AM
Hi Gerry Mac; I'm new here to but just wanted to add my two cents. Girl get out there and enjoy your life while you can. My first Dh and I lived all over the U.S. and enjoyed every min. we had together.I lost him 7 year ago, but now I have the time we enjoyed to look back on. Now my Dh2 came to me a while back and say let's get a R.V. and start enjoying life as soon is his S.D.I.settlement comes in. I jumped at it.I am give everything I have to the kids so I can see them enjoy it before I die. Don't get up one day and find that it's to late. And then set and wish you had done something. God Bless Rosie--- pug Chopper---chitsue

Rosie--- pug Chopper---chitsue
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