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 5/12/2007 12:11 AM
What is workcamp? Is it jobs you can get while traveling? Where do you find them?
Also, which clubs should I join, Good Sams, Roadrunner,or is there an AARP or another one?
I really want you to know, you are all so great!!!
Thanks for all your help!
Judy and Ms. Daisy (a precious maltese) Hope 2 meet U!

Hope 2 meet U!
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 5/12/2007 11:18 AM
Hi Judy and Miss Daisy and welcome to the Forum. We are still wannabes but have been gathering information for awhile. We will be Workamping if we can ever get out of here.
If you go to www.workamper.com you will find a wealth of information about this lifestyle. We subscribe to the WorkamperPlus program for $37/year. We receive a bimonthly magazine listing jobs for most all of the states. We also get a daily e-mail listing the new jobs. There is a bookstore where you can order books covering this lifestyle. And there is a forum where you can get a lot of information about Workamping and fulltiming. However, that forum is more of a masculine persuasion, so when I have a question about something, I prefer this forum because these ladies speak the language I can understand.
Good luck to you as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life. Fancy Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. (Anon.)

Never take away anyone's hope; that may be all they have. (Anon)
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 5/13/2007 12:13 AM
Dear Judy, There are a lot of opportunities out there for campers to work, if that is your desire. As Fancy said, subscribing to Workcamper news is one possibility. Most of the camping magazines (Trailer Life, Motorhome, etc.) have ads in the back also. If you are serious about working, there are always openings in state and National parks, too. I have been camping for almost 50 years - first in a tent, then pop-up tent trailer, 22 foot trailer, and I just recently bought my 5th motorhome. This time by myself since my husband died 2 months ago. If you like, there are a number of clubs or memberships you can join. Good Sam is always a great place to start. There are local chapters scattered around that would welcome you. Each has anywhere from a few to 25 and up rigs and most have an outing once a month. You do not have to join a local chapter to belong to Good Sam, though. If you own a motorized camper, FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association)is a great organization, too. They have local chapters, too, but you don't have to join one unless you'd like to. Both of these groups have rallies which are great fun. I can give you information on both of these organizations if you want to drop me a personal note. Hope you and Miss Daisy have happy trips. Evie and fur people, Spike & Pia

Evie driving Flitter, 26' Itasca Spirit with furry co-pilot, Elsa
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 5/13/2007 11:36 PM
Believe me,Judy...workkamper jobs are everywhere!! We went into a park,looking for a place to stay a month for June 9th to July 9th...They have no room for us for a month....but DID offer us a job with a FREE space, and salary as well.. Grin..
The top recommendation of clubs to join by most of the gals is Passport America... www.passportamerica.com
They offer 50% off on camping. Last time we renewed, the cost was $42 yearly..
If you plan on workkamping... the job will take care of your campground costs.
Keep reading the Forum..the gals on here are a wealth of information and one can learn a lot on here!
Glad to have you join us...keep on coming back, you hear?

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