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 4/20/2007 1:48 AM
I am SO GLAD that I found this website. I've been full-time RVing since December with my boyfriend/husband (accidentally common law married in Colorado - DUMB law!!) and have finally come to the end of my rope. This isn't freedom! I wanted to RV to be free, but it's just HIS HOUSE on wheels!! You have to really be compatible to live with someone 24/7 and we're just not THAT compatible!! We have a monster Ford F-350 truck and a 36' 5th wheel - I know I can't - nor do I want - to wrestle something that big, so I'm looking at either larger Class C's or Smaller Class A's . . . and I'm SOOOOO confused!! I have a 40 pound German Pinscher, a 14 pound Sheltie and a 1 pound teacup chihuahua so I've got to have some doggie moving room . . . although they'd all be happy to sleep on the sofa! LOL!! I do a lot of computing, writing, hobbying so I like the idea of the bench seats and table - store hobbies on one side, sit on the other side. I guess I just need to go looking - but the ones I can afford are on RVtrader.com. Cannot afford a new one. Any suggestions, comments would be SO WELCOME. I would love to meet up with a group of women to "caravan". We had planned to go to Alaska this summer and I still plan to go on my own. May take someone with me for that trip, but after that, I want to be ALONE. Thanks so much for providing this forum!!! This Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal MollyM

This Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal MollyM
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 4/20/2007 11:13 AM
Me again! I am hearing and agreeing with you all the way.
I love the freedom of deciding where I want to go and when and how. My dog is my best companion,as she hasn't mastered the English language yet.
So very glad to meet you. I am in East Texas,so drop by sometime. I have three acres to park on.
P.S. Check out the Winnegabo Aspect/Cambria- it is a perfect size. Carole
2007 Itasca Cambia Pepper- Heinz variety dog

Carole 2007 Itasca Cambia
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 4/20/2007 12:07 PM
Welcome, Molly. Good luck on your search for your perfect RV. I can't help you with your question about choosing a Class A or C as DH and I have a TT. But you have found a cyber-home on this forum, full of friendly gals who are always here to help a sister camper. You will find lots of support and answers here, as well as just plain entertainment. I read RV.Net Open Roads forum and some others but this is the one I read everyday, what an inspiration all these girls are. I love it. Good luck!
By the way, what is with that Colorado law you mentioned? Is common law the same as regular marriage? Is an official divorce required when things go to "hell in a handbasket", so to speak? Just curious. Danise

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 4/24/2007 10:21 AM
MollyM and all Welcome to the forum. As far as buying an RV - I would never buy a new one unless I had money to burn. They depreciate very quickly and there are many good used ones on the market. Just gather information until you have a good idea of what you want. Then search for that model. It takes time but you really get educated about what's out there and can recognize good price when you see one. Good luck! Marysdream Its all good!!!!!
2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)

Marysdream Its all good!!!!! 2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)
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 5/10/2007 12:15 AM
Everyone has their own preferences in RV's/travel trailers. Personally I like a class A for the travel comfort. I can pull off the road and make a cup of coffee without having to step outside. I also don't like being stuck in the cab of a pick-up while in route. For me it just feels more secure as no one knows but what a big burly guy is in the MH and not a 114 lb girl. In either case, buying used saves a bundle. We went to one of those giant dealers in FL that sells by volume and saved a lot over a small dealers list price for the same MH we were looking for. Many also throw in other perks like free memberships, gas cards, warrantys etc. Good luck on your new adventure!

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 5/10/2007 12:33 AM
I agree about not buying new - I don't think I ever will. I love my Class C- smaller than many would say is doable. But you have to find the right floorplan for YOU.
I also don't believe in buying used from dealers - although I almost did. I did much better by taking my time and finding what I wanted from a private party. Yep, it took time, but I got my perfect home on wheels at a price that I could afford - and then some.
Again, you have to really look at floorplans and find one that you know will work for you. I travel with 2 dogs - one is 80 pounds, the other a bit over 30 - and my one slide makes a world of difference in floor space for them when parked.
Some of the newer models have lower ceilings and slides that don't go out as far. I like how they look, but on my shorter length, I'm afraid I'd feel closed in - so I say again - look at them - and make sure you find one that you can live with - as we all are different - what would work for you - is not necessarily what will work for me. And whether you buy new or used, from a private party or a dealer - make sure you go over everything with a fine tooth comb. You have an advantage that you know how things should work - make sure they do!
Good luck to you (and sorry things didn't work out with the br/hubby.) Smiling is contagious - try it!

--------------------------- Once your reputation is ruined, you can live life quite freely :) (old German saying) Bethers
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 5/11/2007 2:32 AM
Danise, common law marriage means that you don't have a marriage license but have agreed between yourselves that you are married and have held yourselves out as a married couple. Not all states recognize common law marriages, which means in those states you have to go through the formal procedures to marry.
Colorado does recognize common law marriage, but it's pretty hard to accidentally do it because there has to be an agreement between the man and woman (no same-sex marriage in Colorado) and a "holding out" to the community that you are husband and wife. A court can infer an agreement to be married from outward indicia like filing joint tax returns, using the same last name, introducing each other as your "husband" or "wife," that sort of thing.
Here is an explanation by the Colorado attorney general. http://www.ago.state.co.us/FAQ/CLM_FAQ.cfm[/url]
There is also no such thing as an automatic common law marriage after a certain period of time of living together. A lot of people think there is, but there isn't.
The only way to dissolve a common law marriage is by divorce or death, the same as a "regular" marriage.
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 5/11/2007 8:12 PM
I just want to say is is doesn't matter what state - when push comes to shove - common law doesn't mean a thing. If ain't in writing you're SOL and that doesn't mean Sort Our Laundry! Learning as we go CJ

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 5/11/2007 9:28 PM
I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying that common law doesn't mean a thing? Because that's just not true.
Or are you saying common law MARRIAGE doesn't mean a thing? Because it certainly does, and is a valid way to get married in states that permit it. As proof of its validity, consider that in order to dissolve it while the parties are still alive, they have to get a divorce just like everybody else.
There's absolutely no requirement for anything to be in writing. In fact, a court can infer the couple's agreement to be married from the couple's actions--that's about as far from a written agreement as you can get.
Since what matters is how the couple presents itself to the public, it's pretty hard to be declared common law married against your will.
If I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, I'd appreciate some clarification.
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 5/11/2007 11:28 PM
I got my RV on Craigslist. Really great deal!! Good Luck 2 U!! Hope 2 meet U!

Hope 2 meet U!
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