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 3/24/2007 3:03 PM
Welcome Karmagirl - do it! I doubt very much you'll regret it. I pulled a 27ft 5th wheel with a Silverado Dodge Ram king cab long bed truck. Drove it myself when hubby was working. Now I'm a loner with a 27ft Class A. I've been living in it since September, had an accident, (physical, not vehicle) and am now traveling fulltime until I get to my workamper job in May. S'wonderful, s'marvellous! DO IT!

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 4/10/2007 5:21 PM
Thanks for the info on your Shamrock 19'. (What is a bunk-end that you need help with?)
I like the look of a 5th wheeler, too, but always thot help was needed to hitch up to the truck. I also drive a Ford X which gives me Xtra options. I am also thinking of a van conversion.
I have trouble finding one GREAT source of information so I can read it ALL and make a clear choice. It is so time consuming to research it all. Any suggestion? Cheers! Karmagirl


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 4/10/2007 5:26 PM
A bunk end is the tent portion of my trailer that pops out. If you'll Google hybrid travel trailers you'll get lots of choices to look at. If you're traveling solo, there will always be folks out there who are willing (sometimes TOO willing) to lend a second pair of hands when necessary. I don't worry about it.
The best way to get more information is to visit various boards to & keep your ears open. One of the better ones for the various models is RV.net. They've got a board for just about any type of RV out there.
Have fun, and remember, this is supposed to be relaxing!
Camping MY way with Jed, my new ever-faithful four-legged friend ...

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 4/10/2007 7:04 PM
Hi Karmagirl,
Welcome to the forum. You raise a question that a lot of people have... and you're right, there is no one place to get all the information there is about choosing and buying an RV. In the end, I think it comes down to how you like to travel and camp, and to finances.
To help you in the search for information, there are lots of web sites for RVers, as well as sites by most of the major manufacturers (do an internet search for "RV Manufacturers"). Most of those sites let you look at specifications and floorplans, which is really helpful. There are also books such as the RV Buyers Guide which you can find at RV parts/supply stores. (Check at a major RV dealership at their parts department, or a place like Camping World.)
Some things to think about: --How much weight can your explorer tow? Your trailer will have to weigh less than that... because you will be adding weight to it (water, supplies, etc). --How do you like to travel? Long trips with short overnight stays, or short trips and staying for several nights at a time? For long trips and short stays, you might want a smaller, lighter weight trailer. If you set up for several nights in one spot, you might want to have a slightly larger trailer with more living space. --Are you an indoor or outdoor camper? I know some folks who spend the majority of their campground time inside the RV, and they tend to want a bigger rig with more elbow room. Outdoor folks, on the other hand, sometimes like a smaller rig. After all, they say, they spend most of their time outside anyway. --What sort of weather conditions do you think you'll camp in? I loved the first rig I had, a tent trailer. But when I moved to a colder damper climate, it just wasn't as practical.
Once you've had a chance to think about how you would use an RV, you might want to go to an RV show. Then you can wander through different rigs, check prices, and talk to other people (not just dealers) about their experiences. Sit in a few rigs, and imagine yourself there on a rainy day. When you find one that feels like home, you'll know you're well on the way to finding the right rig for you. --RVThereYet

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 5/11/2007 11:51 PM
I bought a 21' Chinook. It is a class B. Sofa, dinette, 4 burner stove, refrigerator, sink, bath w/shower, TV, stereo, VCR. I got a great deal on Craigslist. I shopped Dallas and Atlanta for 9 mos. Check out the Chinook floor plans on the net they are a bit wider than other class B RVs. Good Luck!!
Judy and Ms. Daisy (maltese) Hope 2 meet U!

Hope 2 meet U!
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 5/12/2007 11:31 AM
"sit in a few rigs" - we did this at several RV shows and learned a lot by brazenly evesdropping on the comments that other people made. Many of them owned a rig by that manufacturer and were looking to upgrade. If the opportunity presented itself, we would ask them questions. Most RVrs enjoy talking about their rigs and their experiences.
Good luck with your information gathering and happy travels to you and Karma. Fancy Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. (Anon.)

Never take away anyone's hope; that may be all they have. (Anon)
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 6/3/2007 9:52 AM
Hello, Karmagirl!!!! Sorry I didn't read your post earlier...we've been offline due to issues with our data card and being in the "woods" where cell service is impossible....but now we're up and going again with new card and hopefully will get signal in the woods....lol...anyways, we, too, own a hybrid camper, also a Shamrock, 17ft....also, we've (me & DH of 30 years.) been full-timing for since Oct. '04...towed it with an Explorer (1998) the 1st year...did well except for the hills in WVA....slowwwwwww travel there....lol...but with a transmittion cooler, it worked well else where....got a F- 150 in '05 (V8)....so we do hills better now...lol...something you might want to consider when towing a Travel Trailer (TT) is a lift kit and equalizer set-up.....gives you better towing, no sway problems, and equalizes your weight between camper and in our case, the truck.....works great!!!.....now that we've been living this life-style for awhile (started when DH was 54yrs.,me, 51yrs...now we're 57 & 54)we're looking to upgrade to a little bigger trailer, about 26-27 ft......we start our 1st CampHosting job this fall and need to have something without the tent ends for warmth during the colder months....(it will be in GA, but it still gets a little cool there in Dec. & Jan...lol) anways, hope this helps and any questions...ask away....lots of folks here with answers to help....have fun shopping...RV shows are great place to start....
Lori Lots of camping enjoyment on the road...in a little bitty living space. '04 Shamrock 17' hybrid camper '05 Ford F-150

;07 Dodge 5th Wheel '08 Toyota Tundra
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 6/3/2007 1:39 PM
Thank you for the information. It is all very helpful and makes good sense. I am still deciding what works best for me. Time will tell, and all info is GOOD.
Blessings to you! Happy travels!
Karmagirl Karmagirl

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 6/3/2007 5:31 PM
Welcome Karmagirl I live in SoCal, and started out as a tent camper in the desert with the family about 4 years ago when we got interested in riding ATVs. 2 years ago I moved up to a 32' Class A (31'9" actually) with no experience of ever owining/driving one in my life. I had done a lot of research before jumping into the class A's. DH had already purchased a Ford F25 diesel, so we could've easily purchased a TT, but ME??? I had to have something I could drive without asking to borrow the truck. Most of my RV travels have been with Sharon, my bestest buddy I discovered here on this forum, or with the family where we need to pull two flatbed trailers to get the 7 ATVs out to the desert. I purchaed my Liberty and got her rigged for towing so when the time arises that I have a little more time/freedom to travel I can go, camp, unhitch and explore the area. Personal preferences vary greatly and you'll find your perfect set-up when you least expect it. Good luck and pick the brains of the experts here in this forum..They're GREAT. :) Live, Love, Laugh - Aloha Donna & Willie 05 32' Seabreeze Class A 07 Jeep Liberty Ltd

Live, Love, Laugh - Aloha 05' National Seabreeze 31' 07' Jeep Liberty toad
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 6/4/2007 7:42 AM
Welcome Karmagirl! Don't be afraid of a travel trailer. You certainly are capable of backing a tow vehicle up to the trailer, hitching it and then backing it into a campground site. I think the biggest hurdle is to believe that you can!
If you are looking for simple and functional you might check out a Chalet. It folds to tow low like a popup but is a completely solid side a-frame camper with all systems on board and lots of wonderful windows. It's perfect for one person and can be stretched to accomodate a guest when needed. I use the gaucho sofa and my friend Kathy uses the dinette when she joins me for a campout. both make comfortable beds. Do a internet search for Chalet RV.
Good luck and I hope to meet you "out on the trail!" Cedar Adirondack Mts. in NY '02 Ford Escape '04 Chalet Arrowhead (C-->)
"One's world expands and contracts in direct proportion to one's courage"....Anais Nin.
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