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 3/3/2007 10:15 PM
Hi everybody, I am just divorced after 20 years marriage. Got diesl and 33ft fifth wheel in settelment. I am leaving in May on my solo voyage to Rally in Bradenton, then of to Lawrenceberg Ky to visit son. Happy but scared Charlette Moore

Charlette 2003 diesel 2500 33ft fifth wheel two cats binky and albert
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 3/3/2007 10:35 PM
Welcome to the group. I'm a newbie too. Happy for you and know your scared but sure you'll do fine. The women on this group a very supportive and have the answers to just about everything. Good luck on your trip in May.
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 3/3/2007 11:19 PM
Hello Charlotte, and welcome to the Forum!! So glad that you joined us!!
You'll forgive me if I chortle over your settlement...so many times ladies get what the birdie left on the fence post.. I am NOT saying men come out better....I'm just delighted that you don't have to start anew!!! :)
Have you driven the 5er much? If so, and you have your basics "under your belt"...then you will do fine..It may be white knuckle at times...but just proceed with care and "maturity"...and all will fall into place...I don't think you will be attempting to drive like a speed crazed maniac...ha!
I know you'll enjoy the Rally....and how neat to go see your son....You are going to bowl him over with your ability, bravado and independence!!! :)
Keep on coming back, post often and let us get to know you!!
Happy RVing...and enjoy your new life..

Enjoy Life - It Has An Expiration Date

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 3/4/2007 12:08 PM
Welcome Charlotte!
Good for you! I'm in the "shopping" stage of upgrading from my a-frame Chalet camper. My first choice is a 5th. I'll need courage when I get started, so I'll be looking to you to tell me it will all be ok,... deal? (also solo)
Good to have you with us! Cedar Adirondack Mts. in NY '02 Ford Escape '04 Chalet Arrowhead (C-->)
"One's world expands and contracts in direct proportion to one's courage"....Anais Nin.
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 3/4/2007 2:17 PM
Welcome, Charlette,
So nice to have you and your "settlement" with us. I can understand all those feelings you're having. Are you comfortable driving it yourself and doing all the hooking, unhooking, etc?
I look forward to hearing about your adventures as a single. I travel single also but in a Class C. Smiling is contagious - try it!

--------------------------- Once your reputation is ruined, you can live life quite freely :) (old German saying) Bethers
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 3/4/2007 3:39 PM
Welcome Charlotte - Charlette? Which? I've seen both on this posting. Anyway, I hauled a 5er all by my lonesome and had no problems. I've told the story before about how I found I could hook up better than my husband, so don't let that worry you. And we all need suckers to chew on when we start so we don't gnaw our lips to pieces! I went out this morning to get some hard candies for when I start off tomorrow Somebody famous said, It's alright to be scared, just do it anyway. Oh, I think it was a General going into battle. Maybe not a good analogy....

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 3/4/2007 3:53 PM
Welcome, Charlette!
I, too, am a newbie, and this is the greatest place in the world to ask questions and get advice without feeling stupid. You will have a wonderful trip, and just think, when you want to stop, you can stop; when you want to leave, you can leave; whatever you want, you can do it!
Congrats on getting something worthwhile from your divorce. I also got something great- my three kids!!!
See you,,
2007 Itasca Cambia Pepper- Heinz variety dog

Carole 2007 Itasca Cambia
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 3/4/2007 8:38 PM
Charlette (Charlotte) -
Welcome to our little cyber campfire. We share so much more than just RV stuff, as you can see. There are some great ladies on here and really, someone has done almost everything. So, glad to see you, and keep posting. We'd like to get to know you. karen live for the moment

karen live for the moment "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." - AA Milne
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