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 2/16/2007 11:24 AM
Well, I finally did it and bought my RV after looking for about 2 years. A 24 1/2 foot Coachman Freelander. it looked about the right size when I saw it on the web site but I took out my tape and 24' went from inside my pantry, across the kitchen and into the laundry room and I though that I could never drive one that long but when I saw it at the dealer it didn't seem that long and a lot less intimidating. (my granddaughter said my tape measure must be wrong, LOL) I'm just worried that I won't be able to handle it. My son(he drives a 52' tractor trailer every day) says it will be easy when I get used to it. Yeah right. Well, hopefully by the summer I will be on the road and having fun. I know I have a lot to learn and any advice will be greatly appreciated. Insurance? road side help? etc. I guess I'll have to get a cell phone now. never needed one before. Looking forward to meeting some of you ladies sometime. Have a great day Take care, Britt

take care, Britt
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 2/16/2007 12:32 PM
Wow, good for you! I just went big also, and bought my MH in Florida. Had to jump in and drive it home, and discovered that it was much easier than I had feared. That is the trick, just jump in and go. I have four thing that I found gave me lots and lots of confidence. 1) Cell Phone (with charger) 2) GPS 3) Rear view monitor camera 4) Great Emergency Road service.
Life is so great when you can up and go anytime you want, and there is so much to see and do.
Welcome, and well met!!! Carole
2007 Itasca Cambia Pepper- Heinz variety dog

Carole 2007 Itasca Cambia
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 2/16/2007 1:39 PM
We rented a small Class C a few years ago for a long weekend. A friend and I drove down to Kissimmee to pick it up. Had to stop at a toll booth on our way back home. Man in booth asked how many axels. Didn't have a clue. So he leaned out his window, counted, and charged me accordingly. Nice man. In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

Never take away anyone's hope; that may be all they have. (Anon)
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 2/16/2007 1:52 PM
Congratulations! I know you're going to love your new rig. And after 30 or 40 miles of driving, you'll probably wonder why you ever doubted yourself.
One tip someone gave me a long time ago, and I've found it helpful: Find a big empty parking lot and practice making turns, backing up, parking, etc. Park it where you think it's supposed to go (imagine you're pulling into a campsite, and the electrical hookup is where that line is), then put it in park and go outside and see how you did. It can be great experience in a safe environment.
Lessons are great, too. There are places that teach how to drive an RV. --RVThereYet

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 2/17/2007 10:09 PM
Fancy..Don't feel bad. I put new tires on my van last Monday and when he asked what size ??? I felt soooo stupid, like I should have known.
britgirl...I sit in my living room and visually put MH's into that space to try and judge how much space I will have. My living room dining room area is 16x26, so I imagine something that long and half as wide! getting my ducks in a row

getting my ducks in a row
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 2/17/2007 10:32 PM
Congratulations, Britt!
That size you'll be right at home in no time. The hardest part is if you've never been used to driving without the center mirror - and getting used to using the right hand mirror.
I thought I'd like a rear view monitor - bought one this winter - hooked it up - it didn't work as well as I would have liked - and I sent it back. Someday, maybe a wired one - and if I was towing I'd want it.
I also don't have GPS - I rely on my maps - and getting lost. Actually, I do have Streets and Trips - and it gave me the wrong turn for Jean and I going to meet Linda this week. So, those of you who rely on GPS - it CAN be wrong :) Luckily making a wrong turn doesn't bother me anymore. It just makes for seeing something else I might have missed (and in this case, Jean and I went to a neat store we never would have known about). Smiling is contagious - try it!

--------------------------- Once your reputation is ruined, you can live life quite freely :) (old German saying) Bethers
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 2/17/2007 11:26 PM
Congrats Britt!
I have the GPS and Beth, if I use it to try and get me home, it can't. Even the GPS can be wrong sometimes on little out of the way roads. However, it can get me to the The Ark (where we met for lunch). :-)
Britt,you'll do fine driving it! I have a 23.5 ft and was frightened too, but it's a lot of fun and not near as bad as you are probably anticipating.
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 2/18/2007 1:27 PM
Congratulations on your new purchase. What a thrill! Sounds wonderful. I have a 22' and was intimidated for (like was said earlier) the first 30 miles, then I relaxed and loved it. I do have a rear-view mirror but find I use my side mirrors more that rear-view. Even do that when driving my car now. Also, you become real aware of where you are driving in to in planning how you will leave. Until you are real secure, good idea to pull-in to places where you can pull-forward to get out and don't have to back up. That won't last longer either but buys some time until you have more experience. Best of luck. Marysdream Its all good!!!!!
2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)

Marysdream Its all good!!!!! 2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)
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 3/24/2007 8:34 AM
Hi Britt. I just did the same thing. Bought a 26'Trailite and a Jeep. Have you hit the road yet? How is it? I am planning to park this for a while at local campground here on the cape but want to get some driving experience. I am only a little anxious about hooking the thing up. Any ideas on how to get a "teacher" for that? Cape Gal Blessings, Cape Gal

Cape Cod Gal
New Post
 3/24/2007 3:10 PM
We are your teachers - what do you need to know? You have electric, water, sewer. You open the door and haul out the electric cord. Compare your plug to the outlet. If they match plug it in. If there is an on/off switch I usually switch it off until I plug in. then don;t forget to switch on. If the plug doesn't match get out your adaptor. You do have an adaptor don't you? No, then get one, now. Water. Haul out your hose, fasten one end to the faucet, the other end into your RV. You will have two inlets. One for the holding tank, one for shore water. When you attach to the holding tank there will probably be a little air vent plug. Take it out or the water will spit back at you. Benn there, got soaked. Sewer hook up. Take off the cap. Attach the pronged end. Put the other end in the sewer recepticle. Do not open the valves until you are ready to leave, ot you've been there for a few days. Anything else? Go do it.

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