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 12/16/2010 1:00 PM

Thinking about selling everything, house, car, everything but the dog and buying an rv and just travel. I've never driven an rv because my ex wouldn't let me, needless to say, he's an ex now. I am wondering about internet connection, staying safe on the road, ect....any advice you can give, or stories would be appreciated. Thanks, kathy

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 12/17/2010 9:52 AM

Kathy, Welcome! Can't tell you anything about on the road internet. But 10 or so years ago did sell the house and take off on an extended trip. Left Oregon wandered through Michigan and was in Florida when 9/11 happened. Took the joy out of the trip and came home. Have since re-bought and am waiting for the muse to hit again. Camping in the state now. Again Welcome! Sue

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 12/18/2010 8:06 PM

Welcome Kathy

just happened to see your post. There are lots of us that travel lots either full time as my husband and I do or who go when the mood hits or who travel by theirselves...The area to post this question is on the womens forum but the the one on the top this is to tell us who you are and for us to say hey welcome to the forum I am type of comment and I'm afraid that it won't get the answers you might like

I have a verizon air card as do many others with great success in fact wouldn't be with out it...we have direct tv all the comforts of home as this is home

I'm Sheila by the way in the winter we live in Quartzsite AZ. which is unique in it's own way and has made me feel at home. My husband retired about 4 years ago and had planned on traveling the country..however diesel went skyhigh and so now we go to Iowa to see dh's family to UT and ID and WY to see family and we have been camp hosts the past two summers in Island Park ID this coming summer not sure where we will be as the contract was up and haven't heard if the company got it yet...Maybe we will be in Oregon as they have a bunch of campgrounds there to host...we will see. We have 5 children and 11 grandkids...live in a 5th wheel

so come on over to the main women's forum and check us out again welcome!!!


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 12/19/2010 10:45 AM

Welcom to the forum. You found a good place to get most of your questions answered or at least you will get many opinions. I started out traveling and camping with my boys in small motorhomes. They are grown so now I camp alone or with my sister. We like to fish so try to go often when the weather cooperates. My husband doesn't want to travel or camp so I make short trips. I live in South Louisiana and go to Texas often. Let us know the area you are in and there might be a member near you. I have met some comming through the state and at GTG(get togethers). It's always more fun if we can meet up somewhere.


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 12/19/2010 9:52 PM

Hi Kathy! Welcome to our Forum!! We are always happy to have Newbies join us!! Pull up a chair to our campfire and sit a while and chat.You are always welcome here!

Where are you from? Do you have any children. Your dog will be a great traveling companion if you plan to travel alone. There are many ways to stay connected to the Internet, but most choose the air cards through telephone companies. For now, Verizon seems to have the best connections going.

We have been traveling since 1965 and we have never had one instance of trouble in our travels. Nor have I heard any horror stories of others problems in traveling. RVers are MOST friendly, helpful and honest people. As far as traveling our nations highways-- just exercise normal safety precautions..

We'll be looking forward to sharing more ideas with you as you post more and we find out what your leanings are as far as type of RV.... type of camping... etc.. Really excited about getting to know you and sharing our travel world with you!

Happy Rving and WELCOME!!!


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 12/21/2010 9:37 PM

Hi Kathy,

Welcome to the forum!

Read through the posts on this forum. There is a lot of knowledge here, as well as wonderful lady rvers.

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