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 7/13/2009 5:39 PM

I've just joined the forum although I've been a fulltimer for 10 years.  We have been workamping and haven't really had good internet access.  My husband and I are currently gate attendants for the Corp of Engineers and one of the perks is to be able to have a landline and a line for Wi Fi internet service. 

I am a Mother of two, step-mother of 3 others, grandmother of 11, great-grandmother of 11, I think.  Hard to keep track.  We left our house behind with furniture intact for my daughter and her family to rent in 1998 when my husband was laid off from his job.  Not knowing what the future held and with our 33' 5th wheel "retirement home" sitting in the driveway, we left for a state park in the area to live for the winter.  I still worked as an admin in Dallas and he shortly got a job in Ft. Worth.  We moved to a park in Ft. Worth that spring and was there for a whole 3 months before his new company moved to Plano. We were lucky that our home was on wheels! We lived there until 6 years ago when we moved to Waco and began volunteering for the Corp of Engineers for a spot while we still worked.

After 1 1/2 years, we moved to Lake Whitney State Park and were volunteers there for a while.  We finally bid on a COE job at Lake Whitney and got it.  This is the 3rd year. The contracts are for 6 months, then you bid another.  This October (winter season) we are taking off and just volunteering.  They don't require but 15 hours per couple a week and last year was able to take off a whole month and went to Quartzsite, AZ for that experience.

We came back with a new motorhome, a 39' 2003 Newmar Mountain Aire, gasoline with 2 slides.  This is our 4th and final rig.  We absolutely love it.  Nice to meet you, ladies.


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 7/13/2009 6:46 PM

Hi  Louise!!   Good to have a chance to chat with you again today!  We all enjoyed you on chat last night and so happy you joined our Forum!!   We talked about you when you left--- discussing how very much we enjoyed you---- you fit right in and we all determined you'd be such an added pleasure to our Forum as well when you joined. 

DH and I live in Bellville, TX.  We have been retired for quite a few years and traveled extensively in various RV's.... from van and motorcycle trips, motorcycle trips alone,  boat rough camping at lakes, Class C, Class A, trailers and fivers.  We now have a 32' Jayco Eagle Trailer.  We have a son and daughter and 5 grandchildren, only one of which is a boy and a set of twin girls are thrown in there too.  All my family lives right here in Bellville... but son did move 40 miles away. 

We have never stayed out at Quartzsite on the desert, but have stayed in RV parks in town.  We used to go to Yuma every winter for one or two months and stayed in RV parks there with friends we originally  met on a  two month long  trip into Mexico.  Twelve couples used to  meet in the summers at various places but as they got older and didn't travel  as far...we spent a few winter months with them in Yuma.  We were the baby of that group in 1988.....and none of them RV anymore. 

It's a good life,  isn't it Louise!

Again WELCOME!!  See ya tonight on Chat..

Happy RVing!


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New Post
 7/13/2009 9:36 PM

Hi, Louise, and welcome to our forum!  My goodness you have RVed extensively!  Congrats on your Newmar Mountain Aire!! I bet it's beautiful!  Now don't be a newbie that says hello and then fades away from us. lol I hope to hear more about you and your Rving lifestyle.


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New Post
 7/13/2009 10:15 PM

 Welcome aboard!  And yup, now we need pictures!  You have been BUSY!  All that parenting - yikes!  My three have yet to produce any - so I'm just sort of cruising............  Thanks for joining us!

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