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 1/31/2009 4:29 PM
I am a fulltimer with eight years experience. I travel with my husband Dave and Junebug the dog and Picasso the cat. We spend our summers in the mountains and our winters in San Antonio Texas. We do workamp and are always looking for a new adventure.
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 1/31/2009 5:37 PM
Welcome ! I'm so glad you joined us :D Sounds like you've got this fulltime thing down .. I've only been at it about 6 months now and mostly love it !! Thanks for posting your introduction - I hope we hear more from you :D I'm sure you have lots of great experience to share with us and we always like to hear about people's adventures !!! Trudy, Molly & Murphy 37' Montana 5th wheel - "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"

Trudy, Molly & Murphy "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"
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 1/31/2009 6:16 PM
Welcome to the forum! Wow, eight years of fulltiming, you are a pro now, right? Do you have an online blog of your travels? I hope you post often and share your adventures. Lenora & Choco "Sometimes I wonder. How did I get to be so old? Then I remember, Oh yeah, by the Grace of God."

Sometimes, the only right answer is silence...which in and of itself speaks a thousand words.
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 1/31/2009 6:26 PM
Hi Mary!! Welcome to our Forum...surely happy to have you with us. What kind of RV do you have? Do you workkamp the full year?
San Antone is my favorite big city in Texas. So much to see and do there. The Hill Country area of Texas is magnificent and my favorite Texas area.
All the years we were in business, we did much as you do now. Summer vacations in the higher, cooler mountain country and winters back home in Texas. When we first retired we workkamped and spent six months of the year in Jackson, WY. Love those mountain areas.
We have a 32' Jayco Eagle Trailer now, although we have had all kinds through the years. We travel with the "girls" (2 doxie sisters) 1 1/2 years old.
We live 50 miles west of Houston.
So glad you joined and posted.. Hurry on back so we can get to know you better!!
Happy RVing!

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 1/31/2009 7:11 PM
Thank you for all the warm welcomes! We have a 37'Class A pusher. 2003 Cross Country Coachmen. Which have had for 2 years before that we had a 24'Class C, we fulltimed in that for 5 years and we are still married.
We started fulltiming after selling our house in Anacortes Washington. The kids were all somewhere else(we have 5 between us) and we decided we both love to travel so off we went. After being out eight years I would not consider it a pro but we have learned a mulitude of things usually the hard way. Sorry we don't have a blog. We have usually spent our summers rather remote so I just have not gotten into that.
We are retired Navy and do our medical in San Antonio plus we have two kids and some grands in this area. So we generally are back here at least once a year. We do work for the CG we stay at but really only for space and only for a few hours a week. We are in Schertz Texas. Helps the budget. Love the hill country and we usually get there at least once a year. Fredericksburg is one of my favorite places. Love the bakeries there. Summers we have worked for a stage coach line in Mancos Colorado 3 years, a CG in Cascade Idaho 1 year and a amusement park in Desmoines IA 2 years. This next summer we will be in Oregon at Newberry Volcano Natl Monument Host at Eastlake CG.
I have been looking at the different topics and looks like y'all have a goodtime with lots of good info.
Thanks again for the warm welcome. ;) Mary
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 2/1/2009 12:02 AM
Welcome Mary. I'm retired Navy, got a motorhome when I retired. Been taking trips ever since, only full timed for about 6 months but really enjoyed it. Lived in Anacortes for a couple of years working as a house painter. Now that will get you in shape! Rented a house on 6th street and about two blocks from the Guemes Island Ferry. We would sit on the front porch and watch everyone waiting for the ferry. They'd be out of their cars playing hackey sack or frisbee. Anacortes is a wonderful town! Welcome to the forum. Really great group of women here. Sue Paradise has far more to do with the person than the place
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 2/1/2009 10:31 PM
Welcome to the forum. I see you were working in Mancos. I live in Cortez which, as you know, is 17 miles from Mancos. I work full time so only get to camp on long weekends.
If you're ever in the area again, be sure to look me up.
I'm glad you joined the forum, everyone is so friendly.
Safe travels,
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 2/2/2009 1:53 AM
Hi Mary! Welcome from another Winter Texan :) I plan to do the same. Work here in Texas for the winters and play in the north for the summers :)
Hope our paths meet soon!
Love, Sharon "The Buggy" 2007 RoadTrek SS-Agile

"The Buggy" 2007 RoadTrek SS-Agile * "Belgian" 2007 Honda Reflex Scooter
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 2/2/2009 11:59 AM
HI Mary, welcome to the forum! We have quite a few members in TX and seem to be adding more all the time! I used to live in San Antonio for a few years and loved it. Very nice people there and lots to do in the area! Alice

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 2/2/2009 1:41 PM
Hi to Mary from San Antone from Liz in Ft.Worth. Welcome to the forum. I'm a part-timer in a Class C Jamboree Sport. Sometimes I travel with a friend, or sister, or husband; sometimes just me & Jack (my lab}. Hope our paths cross someday; this is a great group of women! Liz & Jack(4 legged)
27' Jamboree Sport Class C

Liz Class C Jamboree Sport
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