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 9/27/2008 6:28 PM
It occurred to me that maybe I didn't introduce myself - how rude! I've just bought a 28' Airstream trailer and am planning to go full time in a year - after I sell off three generations of stuff and my house - that's the hard part! I come from a long line of packrats.
I've been an artist of sorts all my life and have managed to narrow it down to beadwork (jewelry), handmade books, photography and drawing. All of which I hope will fit in my trailer!
I live in New Hampshire and while it's pretty here at the moment (well today it's raining - yuck) it means it's going to get cold and I'm not looking forward to that - so I'm planning to follow the sun as soon as I can.
I have a black lab, Jasper Joy, who goes everywhere with me and he will go traveling too. I don't know what else might be of interest - but if you want to know just ask. And thanks for the welcome Joella, it's nice to be here.

Louisa & Jasper Joy 28'2007 Airstream 2002 GMC 4x4 5.3 liter shortbed pickup
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 9/27/2008 6:47 PM
Louisa, you are most welcome! I remember when you joined us, didn't you also come to our Chat and we talked about your "Forum name" and where did the name Pudentane come from?
I'm glad that you posted and introduced yourself to all your Forum Friends here. We really enjoy getting to know all our members.
Sounds like you have a good plan for cutting down on your artwork and getting it down to something that can be more easily managed full-timing in a trailer. Airstreams are neat trailers, know you are enjoying it!
Labs are SUCH sweet dogs and know you enjoy your Jasper Joy!! We have two little black and tan dachshund sisters, who are 16 months old. What a TREASURE!! Bring lots of fun and love into our lives.
Come back and post often. We are very interested in all you have to share with us.
If anymore of you are reading, but not joining and posting.....please know you are SO welcome. We'd love to have you join, post and allow us to get to know you. Our Forum is not usually this quiet. We have been known to have far more activity going. We wouldn't mind your posting and growing right along with us!!
Have a wonderful day, all!

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 9/27/2008 7:53 PM
Whats my name Pudentane Ask me again and I'll tell you the same.
Or something like that. Last time you posted I spent a fair amount of time trying to remember the childhood jingle.
So welcome! I don't have much to say lately just wanted to say hi. Sue 2005 Chateau Sport 25' w/ Ranger toad
No matter where you go, there you are!
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 9/27/2008 9:29 PM
Love the name! Welcome, Louisa.
Paring down is so-o-o hard. I always attach emotions to my "things" and that's a bad thing (oh, Mom loved that, my best friend gave that to me, I paid so much for that, etc.). When they hit the road, some of the gals have gone the storage unit route until they were ready to toss stuff. Always have something to come back to that way. Good luck!
Evie with fur people, Spike & Pia and "Flitter", 26' Itasca Spirit

Evie driving Flitter, 26' Itasca Spirit with furry co-pilot, Elsa
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 9/27/2008 10:49 PM
Just wanted to add my 'welcome' Louisa! Don't be shy! Lenora & Choco

Sometimes, the only right answer is silence...which in and of itself speaks a thousand words.
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 9/28/2008 8:54 PM
Welcome, Louisa. I too am trying to pair down my many possessions. It is soooo hard. I am not having much luck at it but need to get serious about it if I ever intend to go fulltime. Glad you are joining us. BTW we like pictures :) Marda

New Post
 9/29/2008 9:01 AM
Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
What's your name? Pudentane Where do you live? Down the lane What's your number? Cucumber
That's the version of the rhyme I remember from my childhood - but it was so long ago that my memory isn't so good!

Louisa & Jasper Joy 28'2007 Airstream 2002 GMC 4x4 5.3 liter shortbed pickup
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 9/29/2008 4:47 PM
Hi Louisa, welcome to the forum- nice to have you here. We sold off everything we owned but what will fit in the RV 3 years ago when we got back in our house after Hurricane Charley repairs - now We are just waiting to sell the house to move into our 27 ft Damen Challenger. There are so many nice people on this forum and Im glad to have the social networks so welcom and hope to hear from you often. Love, Sue

Love, Sue
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 9/29/2008 6:57 PM
Hi Louisa...welcome to the site...can we see some pics of your airstream? I love the vintage trailers! Alice

"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still." Chinese Proverb

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