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 8/26/2008 5:17 PM
Hi Ladies,
I posted awhile back under the "Looking for Courage" post about being a bit scared to tackle this RV thing and got some nice responses which boosted my confidence. Haven't don't anything yet, but I think that I am going to look at a small motorhome rather than a trailer. Just backing up to my boat trailer can be a pain somedays and I don't know if I want the hassle of doing that with a trailer. But it got me to wondering. There are a number or single/widowed ladies on this forum, and I would like to know what you have. Trailer or motorhome? Tell me a little about the pros and cons of what you own. Sue

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 8/26/2008 7:05 PM
Sue I am not single, but I have traveled with our RV alone, and have some input to your question.
We now have a trailer. If I were alone, I'd trade for a motorhome. Although I have been RVing many years, and have NEVER run into the first hint of trouble or danger, I feel a motorhome is safer.
Lets say you wish to spend the night boondocking in a rest area. You can park that motorhome, and never need go outside. In a trailer, you must leave the tow vehicle and go to your trailer.
In my opinion, you are right about a MH being easier to back than a trailer. A MH comes with a generator, 5th wheels have a space for one...and some come with it, but a trailer isn't planned for one.
We have owned 3 motorhomes, all in the 30' range, and our last one was my favorite of all the RV's we've had.
I would want one with two slides, I want a separate island bed. I like cooking and seldom eat out, and want countertop space, and pantry space. I prefer a booth dinette to a table. I thought I wanted a table, but when we had one, I discovered I liked the booth better.
I want the biggest a/c; refrigerator; hot water heater (both gas and electric) available for our unit.
I want an automatic satellite Direct TV powered dish. The reason Direct TV is their channels are all on one satellite and Dish Network is not.. So, if you have two people watching TV on two televisions, they best be on channels that are on the same satellite with Dish...or one is going to be unhappy.
If you feel you are in danger, you can power that motorhome up and drive away.
I do wish to stress we have traveled a LOT for a long time, and NEVER, EVER have been endangered. I don't wish to scare you with the drive away thinking, but it is "there".
Enjoy the shopping! The perfect RV is out there for you. Go have fun finding it!! :)
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 8/26/2008 7:24 PM
I'm single, and wouldn't drive anything but a MH, for many of Joella's reasons. We camped for many years in a tent trailer and it was okay. However, too much setting up for me.
My little MH is small, only 23 feet, and has one slide. It has no separate bedroom, but I don't really miss that. After about 6 months of trying to figure out how to make the fold-out couch more comfortable, though, I finally just let it be a couch and turned the dinette area into my permanent bed. Bought a couple of folding, adjustable tables from Wal-Mart for my table needs, and I'm set. Have been full-timing now for almost two years (in January). I tow a Ford Ranger Pickup with no problems. Have a built-in generator, air conditioning, heat, TV (which I usually only use to watch DVDs as got out of the television habit a long time ago), refrigerator/freezer, built-in microwave, and a great separate bathroom with shower. All the comforts of home. Chris
2006 Forest River Lexington, 23 ft

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 8/26/2008 8:21 PM
Okay, Sue -
I have a 26' Class C Itasca motorhome. Had a large 35' motorhome with 3 slides when hubby died. Too much rig for me. The "C" is perfect, but it does have its negatives (but then, ALL rigs have something you'd like different). I don't have a separate bedroom - needed 29 footer for that. So I have a corner queen bed. Yes, it's a bear to change the sheets, but once it's done I'm good for a couple of outings. I don't full time, just go for 2-3 nights at a time.
I have a sofabed in front living area and two of my sons have separately come along with me and both say it's comfortable for sleeping. I don't have a dinette, but being alone a wood tv tray works very well. I'd rather have the sofa. I have a very small, but separate bathroom with a shower stall. My bathroom sink is outside the bathroom, across from the corner bed. That, too, works fine for one person. I use the bunk over the cab for storing my ladder, heater, fans, the flat screen tv and other junk. I set up the tv on the bunk. I recently got an automatic satellite dish to replace the crank up one.
The one thing I wish I had, but don't, is automatic levellers. Too expensive to add them.
We had a trailer years ago, but being alone I wasn't thrilled about trying to hook and unhook a trailer. Would be nice to have a separate vehicle to sightsee in, tho.
I also have a generator for dry camping. Unlike Joella, now that I'm alone I rarely cook like I used to, so my kitchen area is adequate for me. There's a double sink (one side is larger than the other), a 3 burner stove, and just about 14" of counter space between them. But there is also a fold up counter extension if I need more space. I have never used the oven even though I wanted a rig with the oven! I use the micro or the toaster oven a lot. I don't even have real plates - I use paper plates. My 4-cup coffeepot fits behind the sink corner perfectly.
I've never felt afraid alone in the RV. If I was uncomfortable in a rest area or wherever, I'd move on. I always feel safe in a RV park. Not much easier to just drive off from a park than with a trailer because I'd still have to unhook elec., water, etc.
Look for a rig that's right for you. Look a lot! Eventually you will find what's perfect for you.
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 8/26/2008 8:36 PM
Thanks for your input ladies. Be intereesting to see what else some people have to say. I have been looking at MH's of late. Did find one yesterday at a dealers that was turned in. 2000 Four Winds, 20ft. Looks in great shape and only has 20,000 miles. No seperate bed but here again, there's the make a bed out the table thing and eat on the couch. Have three dogs at the moment, one with arthritis, so she will have a problem getting in and out. The 20ft. is going to sell for just under $22,000 and they may not be able to repair the generator. There is another on on the Craigslist by owner. A 1992 Four Winds. This one is a 27ft. and looks to be in excellent condition. 50,000 miles. Also is loaded and has a queen bed. But I kind of think there may be something else out there, so I just keep watch. There is only about another month of "camping season" in Michigan here before the leaves are gone and the weather starts getting colder, the nights shorter etc. Might be better to wait till spring unless I find something just right and just store it till spring. Sue

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 8/26/2008 8:39 PM
Hi Sue,
I'll chime in with a Class B. I chose its for mobility and I don't want to tow. You will find we singles drive all different types of rigs.
The key here is to choose what's best for you. It all depends on how you want to travel. There are pros and cons with each of them, so it depends on what you are willing to settle for.
Happy RV shopping!
Love, Sharon "The Buggy" 2007 RoadTrek SS-Agile

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 8/26/2008 9:17 PM
Hi Sue. I got one heck of a buy on a MH (1996 34' Winnebago Vectra, no slides and set up for two people only which gives it more space) on ebay just over two months ago. It does have a fold out double bed sofa as well as a separate queen sized bed in the rear. It has all the perks (microwave, convection oven, retractable computer height desk, corner lighted curio cabinet, satellite dish, etc.) and was 38K miles when I bought her...no reserve, paid 16K US (!!!!).
There are a number of 'cosmetic' aspects that are quite worn and need some work but all in all, everything seems to work pretty well and I LOVE the decor (mainly denim blue leafy print and plain navy accents and carpet). She came 2000 miles over some challenging terrain in July, passing through 5 US states and one Cdn province to get 'home' and I had not a problem at all...
I know I got lucky (had no idea quite how lucky until later LOL) but I say watch for the right one...You will know when it comes along. In the meantime, keep your options open.
But yes, for all of the reasons mentioned, I would vote for a self-contained unit, Class A B or C, any day if I am to travel alone.... I plan to add a scooter for my auxiliary vehicle and then I will be set...:)Good luck to you on your search...:)
I care very little about where I am going, so how can I be lost?
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 8/26/2008 11:20 PM
Hi Sue, I am also not single but do most of the driving with my 1994 Fourwinds by Thor. It's 28 ft and just perfect for me. I take my kids on occasions but mostly the dogs. Husband comes camping for one night but usually comes after me and leaves before me. I do wish that my car was fitted so I could tow it but maybe down the road. I never feel scared and love the alone time I have when I go camping. When I am older and have less responsibilities I hope to be able to go further from home. but right now I usually camp or go to dog shows no further than 3 hours driving time. Good luck in your search. Darcie and the girls
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 8/27/2008 1:21 AM
Hi Sue!
Well here I am, kind of in the opposite camp. :)
I've traveled all over the Western U.S., Canada & Alaska in a 26' Class C that belonged to a friend. It was great for all the reasons everyone has mentioned. That said, I didn't like it because we didn't tow a car & it was a real pain to manuver in any city we wanted to visit. It's not easy to park 26 feet!
So when I decided that I needed something for myself I immediately went for a trailer. As a single person I wanted something that was easy for me to set up, hitch up, and tow. My little Shamrock hybrid fits the bill nicely for me. While it's only 19' when I tow it, it expands to 25' when I camp. BUT ... I don't have to "pop out" when I want to sleep. My couch & dinette both convert to beds if I want to "turtle". And if I want to venture into town I can leave the trailer behind and act like a regular driver.
I have traveled with my trailer by myself, staying in both campgrounds and turtling, too. Didn't feel any less safe than I did when I traveled in the motorhome.
As everyone else has said, think about how you plan to use your RV. Will you go somewhere and just park, will you tow a vehicle, or do you want to camp & sightsee nearby? All of these factors play into your decision.
Also remember, with a motorhome, if you're on the road & something happens that you would need to have your rig serviced, you could be without your "home" for a bit -- another added expense. If something happens in a tow vehicle, chances are you can still use the trailer while the car's getting fixed.
Happy hunting! There are TONS to look at. Enjoy the process. Laura & Jed 19' Shamrock Hybrid

Photobucket Traveling with Jed, my four-legged buddy
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 8/28/2008 10:02 PM
Hi Sue - I am single and plan to spend extended periods of time in my rig. When the time came to make my choice I quickly decided on a Class C because: 1. I don't own a vehicle which would tow anything and don't really want one. Plus, I would then have two vehicles to purchase, insure and maintain. 2. I don't know how to tow and really don't want to learn right now with all the other new stuff I'll be learning. I wanted and got - separate bed, couch NOT recliners, table, A/C, microwave. I bought a 29" Four Winds, it is a 2000 and had 47,000 some miles on her when I bought her. I bought a scooter to use as my "other" vehicle if I can get over my jitters about learning to ride it. I'll let you know how it goes. Kellie and Eddie 2000 Fair Winds Class C

Kellie and Eddie 2000 Four Winds Class C
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