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 4/3/2012 11:31 PM

Very long but it's the way I sent it to family and friends on a e-mail

Isn't it a beautiful day? The sun is shining and Larry is home from the hospital...what you didn't know he was back in the hospital?? Sorry about that just didn't take the time to let anyone know. Best excuse is I didn't have my computer with me..how we have come to rely on it for communication!.. so here is the long and short of it.

On Saturday Larry was complaining of a lot of pain and sense the bottle said 1-2 every hour if needed I gave him that then realized that as I was giving him his tenth one that it said not to exceed 10 in a day...oops then as I was talking with the doctor about it it seemed that he seemed more agitated so we talked it over Dr spoke with Larry by that time he was what we lovingly called loopy simply said not making any sense what so ever for the most part...by Sunday we realized he was worse more reminding us as how he was before he went to the hospital earlier in the month..So we decided to call the Dr and see what we should do his advice was to either go to ER or else wait and come into the clinic the next day we opted to go to ER. And really glad that we did he was so much better after his first bag of saline...:) Did you know that you can look in the mouth and tell if they are dehydrated? Neither did I and I still don't know what you look for so he had a lot going for him or not going for him which ever way you want to look at it.

1 on water pills because he was retaining fluid and had fluid on the lungs and then not taking in enough to be hydrated

2 to much of a good thing to quickly (pain pills) something that should have been built up to

3 a spot on the lung wasn't sure if it was pneumonia but treated it as such...and tested and treated with big guns for infection..

all this added together made for a sick person then you add in his other problems and he was sick

On the positive note he is feeling better doesn't seem to be in as much pain as he was on the other note as the Drs the oncologists conferred they felt that treating Larry with either radiation or chemo wasn't for his best interest so he was released into hospice care...pretty well shook us up although we expected it one day today wasn't that 'one' day! But we were assured that just cause he is in hospice care doesn't mean that he has a foot in the grave..it just is a way of giving him better care for what time he has left..that could be a short while or longer...we never know. He can be in hospice care for 6 months then re-evaluated. They said that a lot of times patients will improve while in hospice care and even live longer than they thought he would...We are hoping for this less pain.. a better quality of life.. the ability to enjoy his loved ones.. maybe to even be able to paint

We know that his cancer is not one that can be cured and at this point not even treated it sounds like so we are in the accept and enjoy what time is left be it weeks or years...

if you are in Salt Lake City come see us we are located at KOA Kampground at 1400 W. North Temple site 658


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 4/4/2012 3:45 PM

I'm so sorry Larry is having a tough time!! My prayers are with you two!!

Take care of you as well!



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 4/4/2012 4:00 PM

Keeping you and Larry in my prayers.

Hospice is a wonderful organization.

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 4/5/2012 10:44 AM

Caretaking is exhausting both mentally and physically. Now that you have hospice as a compassionate and knowledgeable partner to help with caretaking, I pray that you and Larry will have some time to simply enjoy "being." Love and prayers for both of you.

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 4/5/2012 9:06 PM

Thank you all!

still getting used to the thought and to the time we have to do whatever..no more dr's visits so have more time to do the things I used to do and that is good other than I don't feel that I can leave and do some of the be gone for hours things...will need to see how to address those he is actually feeling better making more of an effort to eat and to drink water ...today he got up and went outside to get the lay of the land so as to speak then we got the tank hooked up he tires quickly but he is watching more tv seems more himself this is all good


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