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 7/14/2009 8:39 AM

O.K Ladies, I have yet another question for the extremely knowlegable women of this forum.

Our fifth wheel didn't come with a generator. It is generator ready but I am wondering what kind of generators you use. Our motorhome had a large generator and we did use it often. The problem I find with the large generator is how often they have to be serviced. Ours was something like every 50 hours. It doesn't take long to rack up 50 hours!

Do any of you use a portable generator? If so what brand and size? Does it do what you need it to do? Have you had any problems with it?

I sure don't ask for much, do I?



Dawn & Denise from Fate,TX, HR Alumascape 5th Wheel & Chevy 3500 Truck cruzin2some.blogspot.com
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 7/14/2009 10:09 AM
 Modified By AzusaTeach  on 7/14/2009 9:10:21 AM

Hi Denise!

I have a Honda EU2000i generator, and love it.  It's a real workhorse and does everything I want it to except for maybe running my AC (and there are varied opinions about whether or not it can handle a 13,000BTU AC unit).  It weighs about 54#, so I can lift it and move it short distances.  It cost me about $900, but I shopped around.  I think they can run as much as $1000.

I don't have to service mine as long as I use it properly.  What I've learned is that gas will go "bad" fairly quickly and cause all sorts of trouble with it, so whenever I add gas I also add a small packet of liquid gas treatment (costs about $2 at my local lawn mower shop).  Before I knew about what gas does to a generator I let it sit for too long and it fouled the carburetor and I had to have it cleaned (an $85 job).  I was advised from a long-time generator user to actually let them run dry before storing them.  That way there's no chance of gas fouling anything, and running it dry won't hurt it.  I've left my sitting for well over 6 months and when I went to use it I added some gas and it fired right up. 

What I like about my generator is that it's quiet -- really quiet.  If I'm running it at the back of my trailer and someone stands at front you can't hear it.  I also like it because it's portable.  I can manage it.  My trailer doesn't have a specific place to store it, so I have to lift it in and out of the trailer.  It's manageable.

I know that Honda makes a 3000 model that would run your AC without problems.  It weighs just over 100#, and operates much like my smaller generator.  You might want to check them out.  Yamaha is also a good brand, and there just isn't much difference between them -- personal preference, I guess.

Hope this helps.


Laura -- and Jed

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 7/14/2009 12:34 PM

Good Morning, Denise!  Here's a helpful website about generators.
 It is advised generators be run two hours monthly under a load....ie air conditioning is summer,  couple of small electric heaters in the winter.  Doing so  heats up the generator windings and dries up the moisture.  It also lubricates all seals and and components, preventing carbon buildup.
Since we are more into staying at full service RV parks, rather than boondocking, we use a generator seldom, so takes us a long time to rack up 50 hours of running on one. We tend to use ours more for rest stops, turning on the a/c and coffeepot for a lunch break.  Therefore service maintenance does not have to be done often.  The longest we kept a generator in a motorhome was five years, and we never had a moments trouble with it. 
That being said, we've never had a portable generator, but have read a lot of information on them and the Honda Laura has always seems to  come out as #1 in the selection.  Honda motors of all kinds are outstanding, give good service and last forever!! Surely could highly recommend our Honda Goldwings!!
Happy RVing!



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 7/16/2009 12:20 AM

we also have a portable generator....a Kipor which is not Honda but a Honda wannabe and Honda won't work on it but it works great and is cheaper than honda  we have it mounted on the back of the 5th wheel and would be lost with out it in the winter when we are boondocking.


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