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 1/26/2009 1:48 AM
I was just reading on rv.net about RV security systems. Does anyone one the forum have one? Is it aftermarket or installed by the manufacturer? Kay Renner

Kay, Lizzie and Jasper
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 1/26/2009 11:15 AM
Morning, Kay!
I've not felt a need to add a Security System to our trailer. Don't have one at our sticks and brick home either. We do have two dachshund sisters who never miss a trick. Nothing sneaks by them.
We do exercise caution and our basement doors stay locked. We lock the walk through door when we leave. Other than that, I'm happy to be able to report I feel most safe and secure RVing, and have felt no need for the expenditure of a Security System. I'd far rather spend my money on RVing goodies!
Did you get your trailer moved to the River Campground and have you been able to spend some time in it?
Owning one is just the ultimate in joy!!!
Glad you posted this thread. Keep on coming back, so we can get to know you bettern' better!!! :)

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 1/26/2009 11:44 AM
My security system is named Molly - she's a heck of a barker and I know she would protect me. I mostly feel safe RV'ing - I only stay in well lit places where there are other people. I don't stay out in the middle of no where and I haven't stayed at a WalMart or a rest stop - I wouldn't feel safe there. I do keep the truck keys by my bed so I could set off the truck alarm if I felt I needed to and I have a few other "goodies" by the bed and in the livingroom. If all else fails, I figure anyone that broke in would trip over Murphy the cat since he likes to get right in front of people when they try to walk thru the place. Trudy, Molly & Murphy 37' Montana 5th wheel - "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"

Trudy, Molly & Murphy "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"
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 1/26/2009 12:21 PM
Hi Kay,
As many of the gals here know, I've been camping or RVing for many, many years. I also have a lot of friends who have camped or RV'd for many years. None of us have EVER had a security problem. Most of the time, my RV group members don't even lock the door when we are sitting out in a circle chatting or eating. Perhaps that's naive, but until we hear of a problem we'll probably always do things this way.
I have never felt unsafe in any campground or RV park, or even truck stops for that matter. And as for camping in the middle of nowhere, ask Sheila or Jenny how safe they feel in the desert at Quartzsite. If you go where other campers go, you will be quite safe.
The only time our rig got broken into was when it was at the repair shop! I have heard of rigs being broken into when they were stored, but never when someone was actually using it. I'm sure it happens, but the odds are slight in my experience. I like this idea, too: Post a note on the door that says, "John, the snake got loose again!"
I agree with Joella - spend your money on some goody you can enjoy!

Evie with fur people, Spike & Pia and "Flitter", 26' Itasca Spirit This message was edited by Pooker on 1-26-09 @ 12:24 PM

Evie driving Flitter, 26' Itasca Spirit with furry co-pilot, Elsa
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 1/26/2009 12:48 PM
Thanks all for responding!! I have to admit, I've wondered about rv'ing by myself. Especially pulling a travel trailer.... Ya' know, having to get out of the trailer to get into the truck (when I get one)... I may be "borrowing trouble" since I won't be full-timing for a few years yet, but I do hope to use it occasionally besides the campground.
The TT is still at the dealership although I closed on it last Monday.... It's still cold here and the campground can flood since it's very close to the KY River.... I would have to pay a minimal fee ($35/mo) to store at the campground and the dealership is storing for free until Mar/Apr. Plus they are delivering for free... Dealerships are falling over themselves right now to deal...one way or another.
OK, I've run on and on here.... Thanks for listening!! I read your posts every evening!!! I hope to join a Chat one of these days....
Take Care Ya'll Kay Renner

Kay, Lizzie and Jasper
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 1/26/2009 2:37 PM
Kay I have just bought a 2000 Alpenlite that I will be full timing in. It appears to have a security system of some sort. However, it is still in WA and I'm in OR and won't get my hands on it for a couple of weeks. My sense is that it will probably be more trouble than it's worth! I have only had one theft incident while camping - lost a Coleman lantern in a state park in OR in 1970 or so. Now I have my fur babies, Katy and Spencer, and I'm sure they will be a great 'guardians'. That being said, I think you need to honor your own need for security. If you are concerned, do what you need to do to make yourself comfortable. Actually, Trudy's suggestion to keep truck keys by your bed so you can trip the alarm is a good one. Also - my theory on going to a fiver from my planned A, with the attendant stop and pee issues - I decided I'll plan ahead, not drink so many diet sodas, and hide a pair of Depends in the cab! LOL To new adventures! Kerry

Photobucket To new adventures! Kerry Kerry Kayaking
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 1/27/2009 1:07 AM
since full timing we have had only one thing turn up missing a shepherds hook that dh got as a gift from the U of U. (the welding shop made it and had a red "U" on it) saying that so if you run across it you'll know its ours. Why some one would want to take it is beyond me. How ever we stay in the desert and normally feel safe. We do lock up when we leave. We used to have a camera that we could look and see who was at the door but it got damaged so needs to be replaced...and we also have a light that operats on a motion detection. When we remember to turn it on. We know that there are people out there that feel that whats yours is mine. we haven't ran into them though. sheila
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 1/27/2009 8:35 AM
Never purchased a security system for any RV or home that we have owned.
We do have our own Chief of Security Officer: Annie the Chihuahua. Margie

2003 Forest River M-B Cruiser Ms"B"Haven
3 Chihuahuas (Buddy, Annie, Penny) 1 Maltese (Holly)

Margie www.rv-adventure.blogspot.com 2007 Tiffin Phaeton 40' Diesel Pusher 4 Slides 2 Chihuahuas (Buddy, Annie)
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