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 10/19/2008 4:24 PM
Any of you ever work as a volunteer in Arches National Park? Been toying with applying for a "Park Guide" job . . . any input? Sounds like the housing is in a building and not in your own RV . . . but maybe that's OK?
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 10/19/2008 6:42 PM
There are many jobs available in State and National Parks, both paid and volunteer. For myself, I wish to work for wages, since I would want my funds to grow for my ultimate retirement when I'm old and gray..and no longer can nor wish to work.
I have never lived in "housing", but understand it's shared bathrooms, sometimes bunk beds and no real privacy in bunkhouses. After I work all day, I'd want my own little cocoon to curl up in and relax, with my own TV, radio,privacy and quiet. I value my "Joella time"!
Just a thought, for you to check into.
I did my Volunteer work in my past.. Cancer Society, Scouts, Sunday School and Bible School teaching, Organization office holding, Home room mother, Chaperon for school trips, etc.
Now that I am "Free", I feel I've done my stint with volunteering and all my plans are for me and retirement.
I have reached the "Joella era"!! Grin..
Have a wonderful afternoon! :)

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 10/19/2008 8:56 PM
Check out www.rv-dreams.typepad.com/
That is a blog written by a couple who full-time and I remember they had worked in Arches National Park last year. You may have to hunt through their blog to find the info, but I'm sure you will find it very helpful. They were there quite awhile.

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 10/20/2008 11:28 AM
Cool. . . great info. . . thanks!
The housing issue could be scary! I've worked, for decades, as a Fed (a paid one) but, with the exception of my first stint (as a kid in Yosemite) I never had to live "on campus" - but having my rig with me might give me a place to go hide if I need to. It's just that doing interp in Arches would be an absolutely fabulous way to spend 3.5 months, regardless. (and I don't need to make $$$ doing it.)
We'll see.
And. . . THANKS for that blog link - wow - it looks like they have lots of good info. Will go there and check it out.
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 10/20/2008 4:04 PM
The folks who Ms B Haven referred to were camphosts for a couple of months in Arches last year. They were provided with a private camphost residence, and their RV was parked next to the residence. Another camphost couple stayed in their own RV. I don't know about the guides or interpretive volunteers, where they stayed. Group housing wouldn't be my cup of tea, but Arches sure is an incredibly beautiful place to stay!
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 10/20/2008 9:07 PM
Thanks for the website, Margie. I checked out Linda's beading creations. They are so delicate. There was a store in Butte, Mt that had ALLLLLL BEADS. It made me want to learn how to. On Saturday, there were tents set up at the Farmers Market and many women had done lots of interesting beading work. There was a lodge up in Glacier Park that hired help for the season and their living arrangements were in a chalet behind the lodge. I wanted to check into that. Another time, another trip. I would like to work for room and board or for RV rental space but my volunteering years are over too. OB44

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