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 10/18/2008 7:54 PM
Almost that time of year again. My question is this, if you drain fresh water tank, hot water tank, grey and black tanks, then open drain at the lowest part of motorhome and drain pipes, why would you need to air blow or put in anti freezing stuff.
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 10/18/2008 9:16 PM
Hi GlennaRae,
You can't get all the water out by gravity alone. It just pools in there if you don't blow it out. And I would think the excess water would dilute the antifreeze.
Hope that helps. I know it is a depressing time of year when it's time to winterize, but it's much better than frozen pipes. Or, just go south! lol
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 10/19/2008 12:07 AM
Depends on where you are and how cold it gets there. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is pretty mild in the winter so drained all the tanks, water heater, low-point drains and then added antifreeze to the goosenecks in the sinks and left faucets open. People here say that is all that is needed. Marda

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 10/19/2008 9:58 AM
Don't forget to drain your water heater. It depends on where you are and how cold it gets whether freezing could cause major problems. Here in the Northeast it's necessary to drain and add antifreeze. Also consider that the cost of a few gallons of antifreeze is really cheap compared to the hassle of having something freeze and then finding the problem and having it repaired which can be very expensive and a very big hassle.

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 10/19/2008 11:52 AM
I just remember my brother in law's experience with his PVC water lines under his house. He had drained all lines, but where they sagged and water pooled, when a surprisingly strong freeze came along, and caused all sorts of damage! You'd think it would push the water along to the dry parts of the line as it froze and expanded...but Oh, NO! The water expanded and blew holes in all the low parts of the water line all under that house. He had to replace the complete system.
I don't wish a surprise hard freeze to cause that in our RV...so we drain, blow out the open lines with an air hose and add antifreeze as well.
Just best to go with a little "insurance"!!
Happy days all!

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 10/19/2008 2:03 PM
Since I live in South Louisiana I do very little winterizing. If they predict a freeze I put an insulated curtain to close off the cab of my motorhome and run a small heater in the back part with the cabinet doors open where there are water pipes. I use my motorhome all year so don't want to have to keep winterizing and unwinterizing. If they predict a hard freeze that will last a couple of days I put some of the pink antifreeze in the drain traps and some in the holding tanks. It recently occured to me that I have an outside shower and have never done anything for it. The hose is mostly in the motorhome. I probably need to find somekind of insulation to put in there for a hard freeze.
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