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 8/24/2008 7:21 PM
We are considering a 35 ft. fifth wheel for full-timing. First time buyers. Please help me with the pros and cons.
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 8/24/2008 7:55 PM
My first RV is a 37 ft fifth wheel (Montana 3465 model) It's awesome to live in - it's a bit of a challenge to learn to tow but I'm doing it. You of course need to have a big truck and that leaves you with the big truck as your only vehicle - I'd love to have a nice little car, I miss having a car ! I think that overall the 5th wheel is cheaper to own - I think that you'll get more living space for your money (even adding in the cost of the truck) I think that the license and insurance are less for a truck/5th wheel combo then for a Motorhome/car combo I don't know any of these things, I just think they're true, you may want to compare prices. I also think the maintenance is less 'cause you're only maintaining one motor - if you have a MH and a car you have 2 motors. My feeling is if you think you'll be parked more then you'll be driving (3-4 months in the same place) I think a 5th wheel is awesome ! If you're going to be driving more then staying put think motorhome. I think there are some restrictions on length in national campgrounds and a 35' might be too big, you should look into that too if you're interested in staying in national parks. Oh - there's also the setting up/tearing down issue - with a class A motothome you can push a button and level it - with a 5th wheel you're driving up on blocks to level it side to side at least - You'll have to go outside in the rain to set up a 5th wheel (level it - get the slides out - get inside) with a motorhome you can just sit inside and get that done. Both will of course require you to go outside to hook up electric/water/sewer. I hated my 5th wheel when I first started using it - there are still days when I wish I had a motorhome, the hitching/un-hitching are a challenge some days. I know I'll love it when I finally get to my winter home and get to stay put for 4 months. Good luck with your decision ! Trudy, Molly & Murphy 37' Montana 5th wheel - "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"

Trudy, Molly & Murphy "be the kind of person your dog thinks you are"
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 8/25/2008 1:18 AM
we are somewhere in the same footage have a Challenger rear living room I truly wouldn't want anything else. There is give and take advantages and disadvatages no matter what you get...Go to rv shows where you can look at lots of different rv's all at the same time by different mean different brands. As well as look at coachs and 5th wheels...go to parks and stop and ask every one will be willing to give there opinion. another tried and true way is to write down avantages and disavatages of 5th wheels and coaches on a paper compare them you will see where your thoughts are going. We do stay longer sometimes others we are on our way for days with a long stay distination in mind. Have fun!!! sheila
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 8/25/2008 9:12 AM
This is such a personal decision. We have had all varieties of RV's and they all have their pros and cons. We enjoyed them all. Our only 5th wheel was 37', with two slides and we loved it.
Our personal favorite was a 30' Class C motorhome, and if I were traveling alone---that would be my RV of choice. I want two slides, and a walk around bed. I've been reading Forums for a long time, and there is not much comfort in any couch or gaucho that makes into a bed, and most dislike having a bed they must clear away daily. We've had an over the cab bed, I prefer an entertainment center in that area.
We seldom eat out, I enjoy cooking, so a roomy, plenty of countertop kitchen is needed. I'd like a microwave/convection oven. I have never used the oven that comes in our RV's, other than to store pots and pans in it! :)
Look for storage, storage, storage, both inside and out.
Check the shower and commode for leg and arm room. DH is 6'6" and needs room.
Buy the largest a/c available for your unit, two in larger ones. Same with gas/electric waterheater. An all weather, well insulated unit is good.
Personally, I think your desire for a fiver is a good thing, and feel you'll enjoy it!
Welcome to our Forum, and come on back often, don't be a stranger!
Have a wonderful day!
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 8/25/2008 7:59 PM
Another thing to check for in the bathroom is hip room... I have a "wide track rear end" and my hips nearly touch the walls when I sit in there ;) We chose a motor home over a fifth wheel for one reason is we don't have to stop everytime I have to tinkle, which is often anymore. I had a 5er before and had to stop and run to the camper, unlock the door and get on the potty before I pee'd my britches ...not fun especially along side an interstate with semi's whizzing by. Have fun hunting! Welcome to the forum, looking forward to your posts about the hunt.
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