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 2/27/2008 12:14 PM
Hello--------- Some people have granddogs--- but our three precious Grandsons think we have grand horses & grand chickens & grand cattle & grand pigs & grand goats------- well you get the picture of how it works & what our Grandsons think--------- (Who would have ever dreamed before having Three Grandsons how that worked!!!) :) Our Grandsons have lots of new baby goats------ & there is a set of triplets & several sets of twins---- just thought I would share with you pictures of our new grand goats---- Not everyone you know probably has grand goats!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sorry-- Grandma can't remember all the new names & what name goes with which one---- I think one day soon our daughter's family will again be able to sleep & eat & not spend day & night in the goat barn delivering babies & making for sure the Mother is OK & babies are OK & everyone is eating on a regular basis & ALL------- the other that goes with having lots of babies & some times all at the same time & being able to keep them alive & eating & the Mother's claim them & let them eat & have enough to eat------keeping them warm & having enough heat lamps-----etc/etc/etc--- Oh----- I hope really warm weather is right around the corner----so they can be able to go outside in the warm sunshine & run & play--------but I'm afraid it will be many more days of heat lamps & in the barn yet---------- hope you enjoyed the pictures of our new grand baby goats-------

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 2/27/2008 12:25 PM
Thanks for sharing the pics. My Dad use to say that there wasn't anything more enjoyable to watch than baby lambs/goats or kittens at play. We raised sheep, as well as beef, rabbits and chickens, but as I remember sheep were very hard to care for, especially when lambing. I loved the Spring when the new calves were arriving. If the weather was severe we would have to bring the new babies into the house to warm them up and get a first feeding into them with milk replacement. It was fun when they finally would try to walk. Us kids wanted to keep them in the house like they were puppies but my Mom would put her foot down in a hurry and make us take them back to their moms. :(

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 2/27/2008 12:53 PM
Beautiful little grand goats they are too! See you down the road, Liz and Roe (dog) '99 Roadtrek 170
"Life in the presence of God is a life to be enjoyed every moment of every day."

See you down the road, Liz and Roe (dog) '99 Roadtrek 170 "Life in the presence of God is a life to be enjoyed every moment of every day."
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 2/27/2008 1:26 PM
So you have Boer Goats! DH & I had a Cashmere Goat Ranch in Colorado. If I ever give up this life style it will be because I miss having a goat! And a chicken!

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 2/27/2008 1:30 PM
We personally use to raise Nubian milk goats------- & I was the one who milked them & sold the milk----
But yes-- you are correct my grand goats are Boer meat goats!
Another reason why I'm vegetarian as I have lots of grand animals! :) Opportunities are seldom labeled!!
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 2/27/2008 1:54 PM
I loved the pictures of your grandbaby-goats. One of my fondest memories is of Molly, our goat. Bought her as a little one for my son who was six at the time. We had two dogs, one of which decided Molly was the next best thing to a puppy and mothered her. Molly wound up thinking she was a dog and would travel with them every day out in the country on adventures. It was really neat to see and fortunately we were in a really rural area in Pa. Finally, Molly was introduced to other goats at my cousins farm and was appalled at their goat behavior :) I think you have a great life with all your animals. Marysdream Its all good!!!!!
2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)

Marysdream Its all good!!!!! 2000 Rialta (little Sweetie)
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 2/27/2008 2:16 PM
I use to have a Nubian Milk Goat named Sweet Pea----- And she was very social----- & she had free range of our farm----- & did pretty much what ever Sweet Pea thought she was big enough to do- she was a good & easy milker & got along great with all the other livestock we had------- BUT-- if we left the farm for any reason---/---I could shut up Sweet Pea in the barn or any other way I could think of to keep her confined----- but when we got home- she would always escape some how---we had a neighbor woman down the road about three miles that was scared of her own shadow----- & terrified of Sweet Pea------ & this some how must have amused Sweet Pea-as when ever we left home -she would some how manage to get free & go to the neighbor's house And when we would return home-----on our answering machine would be a message or several messages---of "THAT ANIMAL OF YOURS IS IN MY YARD -COME GET IT!" Sometimes Sweet Pea even ate her roses----- :( Well I had a man offer me way more money than Sweet Pea was worth & I was getting tired of milking her & always chasing her down at the neighbors house & paying for her roses----- so I sold Sweet Pea------- & one day the neighbor lady called & said what happened to "That Animal" you had----it never comes to see me any more------ & I told her-- I sold her------- she said Oh-- I'm so sorry----she was kind of growing on me!!!!!!! :) Opportunities are seldom labeled!!
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 2/27/2008 2:42 PM
We had a goat named Pezak...(pest in German). She ran with the geese and thought she was a goose!! :)
We bought two more little goats and scared her to death!! She didn't know WHAT those were!! She ran leaping like a deer over the pasture, trying to get away from them. Those little goats were destructive and liked to jump on the hood of our Class C motorhome, and other not liked by us pastimes, so didn't last long at our house.
Pezak was HAPPY when they left!!
DH would still love to have a pet goat..and says when he quits traveling, will get one.
Happy RVing all!! :)

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 2/27/2008 5:02 PM
Absolutely adorable OO!
Thanks for sharing your grand goats with us :)
Love, Sharon
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 2/27/2008 6:59 PM
Awww such sweet babies!! I also had a Nubian that I milked many moons ago. I enjoyed milking time so much, it was so peaceful. My grand daughter couldn't drink cow's milk and was thrilled to death with her first goat's milk ice cream!!
Jan Jan, Jerry, Roada the Chi and Sass the cockatiel

Jan, Jerry, Roada and Sass
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