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 6/21/2012 10:27 AM

Where did everybody go? Joella - you used to tell us all about your days. What you were doing in your yard. Where you went. Where you were planning to go. What the puppies were up to. Are you okay? I was only gone for a short vacation, but did I miss something?

Sheila - how about an update on your end? I know it's a really tough time for you.

Does anyone else check here anymore? I'm afraid RV America will decide to end our site if we don't use it.


Evie driving Flitter, 26' Itasca Spirit with furry co-pilot, Elsa
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 6/21/2012 3:07 PM

I check it at least a couple times a week and it's always like this. When I first started going to this site, it was fun to read all the posts.


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 6/21/2012 7:35 PM

Hi Evie! How are ya doing? I'm still here-- I check the Forum about 4 times daily-- and go away with no responses found. I am still working in the yard.. Milt and I just got through clearing about a 500' X 50' of Brier patch --- some little rabbit once told we young kids about.. We had nice looking yapon brush overhung by oak and hickory trees...but wild vines moved in and were beginning to look like Kudzu...

We decided we'd best clear it all-- or it would kill the trees. It was a VERY hard task.. since we are older.. we worked from 7 AM to 11 AM... daily for almost a month and we got it all cleaned up. We are most pleased with our efforts. We'd come in shower and eat..then rest in my Queenie chair the rest of the afternoon..

I've not been going much. About once weekly friend Joy and I go girly road running, eat lunch out and shop..

I am thinking about joining the FlaminGoes Rally which will be held at Canyon Lake October 31st. I figure about that time... it will be time to get on the broom and get on up there!! ha! So far there are 18 FlaminGoes who are coming... and more probably will come too.. as October is a long way off!

I still don't have a RV...Last Rally I attended with FlaminGoes-- I rented a cabin.

I am going to Nebraska in Sept for a week.. Daughter is going with me.. looking forward to that.

Nice to hear from you---so now tell us what you are doing?

I'd be happy to post--- if anyone is interested!

Happy Travels, All!


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 6/21/2012 11:11 PM

I'm one of those guilty of just looking to see if anyone has posted anything so I can reply to it!!! would have if any had been there.... even was going to come on and do a bit of venting but didn't do it

we had signed up with a hospice that I think forgot we were hospice not home health ....everyone would say how wonderful hospice was and how grateful they were when a loved one was in hospice for the wonderful care they got as well as the rest of the family...and I'll have to admit I thought what care for the rest of the family...I couldn't even get a volunteer to come cover me for a funeral...our regular nurse was hit with a gull bladder attack and so didn't come but then no one else did either nor did the office call think I vented about this once before...anyway I think the kids got tired of the either not coming or not knowing if they are coming of the aids coming only twice a week which is probably my fault when we first started up thought twice a week was fine...but nor did the nurse say lets up the aids coming to more times a week...and it seemed that even the aid was telling us think he won't last the week....criminging I was tired of that statement!!! so they voted that we change to a different hospice even if it's just for a week so we did that changed hospice ..in the week we changed we have seen one nurse twice the nurse assigned to us 2 times plus two phone calls the aide comes each day (not sure about sat and sun) but we get him each day he shaves Larry each day and he gives him a sponge bath dailey he must be here 45 mins to an hour...we have had a chaplaign 2 times the social worker 2-3 times a massage theropist for larry one day then sense I'd ran away for a few min. and didn't get one came back and gave me one the harpest came with the massage theropist the first time and then again today...we can't saw we are not getting care!!! makes me sad we didn't change when I first started grumbling!!! we are very impressed with them...

as to Larry everything has changed he is pretty much non responsive we aren't able to get him up anymore...his vital signs are changing and yes once again we are hearing that he is in his last days... we can see it and have to agree with them whether it will be the 24-48 hours who knows he has passed the 24 hours...I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting so have been doing a lot of baking lemon bars today no bake cookies the other day they were so good did a redo oh and brownies boy did they taste good...on all recipes has like four thousand reviews on them...I liked them some of the kids said they liked mine better been awhile sense I've made a batch of brownies especially mine it makes a huge batch although that could be that I always doubled the reciepe...might have to look at that...

thanks Evie for getting on our case some of us think well not doing anything so it will be borinnnggggggggggggg for the rest but maybe we have to report in and if they are bored oh well

not sure what the future will bring will have to see once the funeral is over and I have a chance to think about it know what I want to do but will see if it will happen

Joella you still make me weary ...and it sounds like you have some travel plans one thing I need to decide is if I'm going to remain a SD resident need to renew my license in Jan but thankfully can do that in the fall think it's 6 months in advance...


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 6/22/2012 12:17 PM

Count me as another that checks in frequently but doesn't start a thread.

Shelia, the main reason I have been checking is to see how you are doing. I am so glad you have found a good hospice. Believe me, I know that they are not all created equal. I commend you for getting rid of the first one. I didn't and in hindsight wished I would have. Of course Bob was in an assisted living and they oversaw a lot, which included calling the hospice and telling them not to ever send out one certain cna again. That compnay got a two page letter from me - after the fact. Shelia, if you want to get on here an vent - then do so. That's what friends are for.

Joella, so glad you are thinking of coming to the Flamingos flocking. That is such a great bunch of gals. I think they may have cabins - Birdie or Colleen would know.

I think a lot of the gals who used to be on the forum so regularly have migrated over to facebook. I see a lot of posts over there. Others have started blogs regarding their travels. Technology changes so fast and it is hard for many of us to keep up. Still miss hearing from old - scratch old - long time friends.

Keep us posted Shelia and know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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 6/22/2012 1:32 PM

Now that's more like it! Aren't we a bunch of sissies! Thinking no one would be interested in what WE are doing, but just waiting for someone else to tell us about their exciting life!

Joella - whatever you guys drink - I want some! Where do you get your energy? I get swoonie just reading all you do! Wish I had your patience, too. I'm awful about staying committed for a whole month. But you got the job done! Good for you! Hope you do get to attend the flocking. I know a gal who rented a small "C" to attend campouts before she bought her rig. When Firestone smashed Flitter they suggested I rent one, but the thoughts of trying to remember everything I'd need and totally packing and unpacking the whole rig really put me off! I don't know about your area, but I didn't even know where I'd be able to rent an RV. But perhaps it's an option if they don't have cabins? Wish I were closer to you.

Sheila - I suspected Larry was sliding downhill fast because it wasn't unexpected, but I'm sure glad you found a different Hospice. I just thought they were all the same! You hear such glowing reports from folks. I know how hard this all is on you. And I also know how hard it is to decide what your future will be. Don't rush it. You will have so much to do that putting that on your shoulders right now probably isn't a good thing. Someday you will be mulling over all the possibilities and the answer will come. You'll do whatever is best for you. Right now you are focused on the today. Even by hour. Hang in there and take care of Sheila, too.

And the rest of you - let's try to post a line now and then. Just so we aren't all just waiting for the other gal to give us something to answer!

As for me - I went on an Amtrak Getaway tour last week. Not an RV trip, but it was a terrific vacation. Train up the coast of Calif to Monterey - dinner at Fishermen's Wharf, stayed overnight in a lovely motel with lots and lots of hanging flower baskets and a gorgeous room. Next day tour bus took us to pick up a vintage tourist train ride through the Redwoods to a place called Boardwalk. Just like Coney Island or other junky beach/amusement boardwalks. Remember the fun house laughing lady with the missing front tooth? She was there. Glad to see families bringing their kids to see a place we enjoyed as kids. Next another Amtrak train over the Sierras to Lake Tahoe. Stayed 2 nights at a casino/hotel and took the paddlewheeler boat tour of Lake Tahoe. Gorgeous weather the whole time. Had a ball!


Evie driving Flitter, 26' Itasca Spirit with furry co-pilot, Elsa
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 6/22/2012 10:46 PM

either one of those Evie I would go on!!! they sounded like a lot of fun...We don't always have to go by RV do we?? it's the waiting that is so hard not being able to communicate either because of his voice being gone or tears in the voice...thank you all for your thoughts


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 6/23/2012 11:22 AM

Nice to see you girls posting again. Joella you sure are a busy bee. Glad you got all your stuff done.

Evie - Your Amtrak trips sound like lots of fun. I see their station located in Grover Beach near where I live and wonder where all they travel too. Was it a long trip up to Monterey?

Shiela - I totally agree with you about hospice. You made the right choice to make a change for Larry. We had similar experiences with hospice in 2010 when my brother had stage 4 cancer. He had Kaiser so we started with their recommended hospice - bad choice. They were rude and absolutely no help at all . Then he went to the hospice at Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto, CA. This was a much better experience but still not the marvels we heard people say about hospice. He was there one month which was probably longer than they expected. It seemed the longer there, the less considerate the care. My 3 sisters and I (we all live 3 hours from where my mother and brother were) took weekly turns going up there to take our mother up to the hospital each day just to be sure he was comforted as should be. We finally decided that if we weren't there, he probably would have been mostly ignored. This was my only experience with hospice - sure left a bad impression. Take good care of Larry and Shiela too.


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