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 9/15/2009 12:42 PM
 Modified By Jomilt  on 9/15/2009 4:01:50 PM
I've been busy lately---- on line shopping. I saw a TV ad for 20% off on washers and dryers, and thought I'd investigate. Our set was 21 years old on Aug 26th, and the washer has been crying and moaning for about two years...protesting when we made it work.
We figured every wash day would be it's last.... but it keeps going. Rather than be stuck without one day, and having to pay full price because nothing would be on sale, we took advantage of this sale, and I began to comparison shop... I was delighted to save $338 on the two...plus got free delivery, installation and hauling off the old set.
They were delivered today, and hope they will be as long-lasting as the last set. The delivery man told us they are striving to do away with top loader washers by 2012, and customers have been buying spare sets to store until such time as needed. He said he's not sure that's a good idea, as it's not good supposed to be good for appliances to sit, unused for long periods.
He also told us in about November, the government is going to be giving a complete tax write off for the purchase of Energy Star appliances, plus they'll be going on 20% off sales... and they are adding more appliances to the list. So, our 16 years old refrigerator and freezer, by the time we take off 20% and we write off a goodly amount on our income tax, and with the energy savings to run the appliance, and selling the used one at The General Store on the local radio station... we'd end up getting new appliances really cheap.
The main objective of me writing this thread is also about November, the new models will be coming out..and those that have been on the floor for 4 or 5 months, and not even bothered except for people touching them, will be discounted as old models.... Considering that, and all else he'd told us, it's definitely the time to get new appliances. Our chest freezer and the utility refrigerator need replacing...the freezer doesn't seal well, and ice builds up.. so you know it's running far more than it should. The Refrigerator automatically defrost inside the box and I keep a foil drip pan in there for it, again is 16 old, and robs on energy use.
The Sears man said more information will be forth coming, so thought I'd give y'all a heads up! I'll be on the look-out. It is hard to turn loose of the money when something IS working.. Milt said he would have felt far better had the washer/dryer died yesterday when he did the laundry.. LOL
Happy RVing!

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