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 8/1/2009 8:11 PM

I have 05 itasca meridian with sidewall Delamination.does anybody know how to fix or repair it ? No Help from winnebago. To bad so sad!!!! Delamination is on front slide out.                                           


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 8/2/2009 9:34 AM

Once Dave sees this post he will advise, I'm sure.  I know that I have seen his shade tree directions before.  It is possible to inject an adhesive but I'll leave it to Dave to provide the details.

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 8/2/2009 9:44 AM


I would start with making a LOT of POLITE noise with the Winnebago factory.  Also, there are help columns in both Highways and Motorhome magazines.  They may be able to help you put some pressure in the right places.  It can't hurt, your not getting any response now anyway.

As far as repairs, I'm sure someone on the board has more info than I do, however, I recall reading a thread a number of years ago that went something like this:

Find a sturdy building, preferably brick or concrete, block where you can leave your MH parked close to a wall for a couple of days.  Drill several small holes in the bubble and inject an adhesive into the bubble.  I don't remember the adhesive but with todays technology I'm sure there are many that will work well.

After the adhesive has been injected, place whatever blocking is required and a small jack between the building and the MH and force the bubble as flat as you can get it.  Then leave it until the adhesive cures.  When the adhesive cures, repair the small holes with body putty and touchup paint.  If you are good enough it will never be noticed. 

Ring in here John C.  This repair and paint thing is right down your alley.

Bob K from PA

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 8/2/2009 1:33 PM

Tug - Bob gave a pretty good recap of suggestions previously made concerning this subject.  Here's a few additional thoughts....

1) De-lamination is usually caused by the intrusion of water into the panel, so the first job is to attempt to find and fix the source.  The wall insulation is frequently Styrofoam.  Most walls are vacubonded and bonded with a water-soluble adhesive that won't "melt" the Styrofoam, as would a solvent based adhesive.  Water intruding into the wall can dissolve the water-soluble adhesive, creating de-lamination.

2) If water has been in the wall for awhile, it's possible the insides have become so "rotted" that there's little or nothing left for the glue to cling to.

3) If both sides of the affected wall are accessible, it's also been suggested that it "might" work to drill a 1/4" hole clear through the wall, inject one of the commonly available expanding insulation foams, and put a bolt through the wall with a plywood square on each end and squeeze the bubble flat while the insulation foam cures.

We've heard price estimates of many thousands of dollars for professional repairs, so if the bubble is small and you're comfortable with DIY projects it's probably worth a try, because the problem is likely to get worse.  Good luck. - Dave

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 8/3/2009 12:18 PM

What kind of glue would you use? I know it would probably have to be a non petroleum product.

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 8/5/2009 10:19 PM

Its a tough problem to solve. When we were RV sales weasels we saw lots of delam on some specific brands of rigs, not the Winnies however. I'd follow the suggestion of some polite discussions with Winnebago Corporate to see if that might get some action.

Dave's advice on the expanding foam is one I haven't heard before. Sounds like an idea that will work. I discovered building our little Casita here at the Fort that there is an expanding foam product specifically for windows and doors. Regular expanding foam exerts a tremendous amount of force as it expands. The windows and door frame stuff isn't as robust. I've used a lot of expanding foam over the years but had never run into this window and door frame product. It might be more appropriate for this application.

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 8/6/2009 10:52 PM

Just to thanke you all for the good advice.I am currently waiting for word from winnebago from dealer in portland,or.Dealer rep.thought it was manufacturers defect.I hope winnebago will stand behind its product and take care of it.this is my 4 th winnebago and i hope not my last!!!!! but we will see. thanks again.

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 8/7/2009 7:41 PM

John, that's a urethane foam material and has been in use in the residential construction market here in TX since the late 70's. Air infiltration at windows and the bottom plate is one of the most detrimental factors in keeping a home warm/cool. I've built two homes since then and used it exclusively. I also used urethane panels (R-6) for sheathing for added insulation. Now you can get an expanding foam blown in wall and joist cavities when building. Not only is the R-value superior to fibreglas, you get the bonus of reducing air infiltration as well. I don't know why RV mfrs. don't use this product. Surely it's better than those low-R styrofoam sheets commonly used.

But I'm still waiting for the Gov't. to come out with that battery-powered motorhome. I have 8 now, but probably would need about 80 more to do the trick? Might have to get the DW to throw out some of her shoes? She's still up north, so I can lip off for another week....LOL!)

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 12/19/2009 4:22 PM


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 12/19/2009 6:59 PM
Hey Slabman,

Susie said if your wife gets rid of those extra shoes send them her way.

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