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 8/30/2008 8:57 AM
So here I am, working disaster number 12 with FEMA and I'm sitting in the Rio Grande Valley managing 8 Disaster Recovery Centers dealing with Hurricane Dolly.
In that capacity, I get to see a lot of information and sit in on some planning for coming events.
At this point, as a long time RVer, friend of many of you and unfortunately, an experienced disaster recovery worker, I'm telling you to leave if you live along the upper Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi or maybe even Alabama coast.
Get your rig or tow vehicle gassed up and move someplace else.
While many models show a decrease in intensity as Gustav approaches the coast, it is likely to still be a major hurricane. Beyond the initial landfall damage wherever that is, there is likely to be a large flood event, especially in western LA and eastern TX.
This is why those of us with RVs are so fortunate. Gas up and get out. If you remember Katrina/Rita in 05, it was months before things got back to normal, and some places have yet to recover from those storms.
Many of my cohorts are being sent to east TX and LA (after the storm hits) and hotel rooms are scarce already. That also means campgrounds will be full.
If you are traveling along I 10, please avoid LA and TX Contraflow is starting at 4am in LA and MS so the interstates will be one way
You do not want to run out of fuel in a traffic jam with a major hurricane coming in.
Some fuel stations in east Texas are already reporting that they are out of fuel. Texas is running fuel trucks with police escorts to bring gas to these stations.
One of the jobs I do for FEMA is damage assessment. I've seen a lot of damage and destruction in the last three years. Folks always think it cannot happen to them, but I'm telling you, it can. Don't be complacent if you live or are traveling through the area likely to be affected by Gustav.
Go now, go north, west or east, but leave the projected impact areas. I don't want to meet any of you in a disaster recovery center!

John McAllen, TX
Libby and John and RV the CAT www.TheRollingHome.com 1999 Fleetwood Discovery 37V towing a 2005 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 Click here to see our current location [/url] This message was edited by John on 8-30-08 @ 7:35 PM
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