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 2/18/2008 4:21 PM
Here is an article from the local t.v. web site you might find interesting. SALISBURY, Md. - As of Monday cell phone companies will not be providing analog phone service. It is called Analog Sunset. The Federal Communications Commission requires all cell phone carriers to switch their signal from analog to digital.
Verizon store manager Bradley Quillen says the switch is going over very easy.
"We've sent out letters to most of the customers. We have already been shipped new phones and we've given a lot of the customers free digital phones," Quillen said.
According to the FCC all cellular companies must notify their analog customers at least four months before discontinuing service. Then again at least 30 days before cutting off the services.
There are several reasons for the signal shift.
Quillens says mostly for better features, "We can make better use of the spectrum of frequency. Analog is actually is an older technology that is no longer effective."
Cell phone customers are going with the changes and geting ready for Monday. One Verizon patron Bert Williams says digital is the sign of the times.
Williams said, "Things are being progressive and moving on there moving on. They have to move along with the times."
There are ways to tell if your phone is analog or digital. If your wireless phone has features such as text or instant messaging, Internet browsing, an MP3 player, or camera, it is digital. If you have an older model. Possibly, oolder then five years with basic features sucha as a phone book and dull graphics, it is probably analog. Many cell carriers have information about their analog-to-digital transition plans on their Web sites.

Gary/Jan Federalsburg,Md Davenport, Fl

Gary; garyjanc@hughes.net
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