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 11/13/2014 7:53 PM
 Modified By RVA  on 1/12/2015 3:57:04 PM

Howdy y'all!

OK folks, grab the Murine, since this is, as usual, a rather long post).

Yes, folks, there WILL be a Quartzsite gathering this year of the RVA Trailer Trash Gang. Gotta keep the tradition alive and well. The official 2015 RV show dates are January 17th thru the 25th, but there is lots of activity both before and after.

Linda and Mike plan on arriving two or three days early.


Slight change of venue--at least for "most" of the TT gang regulars.

Last year at the end of the 2014 gathering of the Quartzsite Trailer Trash Gang, several of the returning regulars were blindsided by a demand from the majority of the TT women: "Unless we have full hookups, this is our last year at Quartzsite!"

Ouch! What a shock to those of us who have enjoyed our week of boondocking on the BLM land just down the road from the big RV tent for more than a decade.

As a result, there was lots of later discussion about what to do to keep the RVA tradition of a Quartzsite get-together alive and well for future years.

A compromise has been reached, keeping both our original BLM site (for those who prefer it or who have a financial hardship) and also allowing for full hookup sites at Rice Ranch. Since Rice Ranch is only about 100 yards closer to the RV tent than the BLM land, we have made arrangements for folks to join us at the Rice Ranch RV park--in a section that has full hookups, but which is as close to the North fence of the BLM land as possible.

We already have 12 sites together, all reserved and paid for by our "recalcitrant RV ladies.) If there are newbies out there or old-timers who have decided to finally join us (now that we will be having full hookups), just call Rice Ranch and make a reservation to be near the "Linda Oddo gang." Sadly, Linda didn't think in advance about using the RVA group name, but you can still join us.

Our plan is to still have the evening libation, munchiees, and joke time around the old RVA campfire spot on the BLM land, since it is only a short walk--and some members of the RVA TT gang have chosen to stay at our original spot on the La Posa North BLM land.

Something new to experience! Guess we will have to see how things turn out. With most of the original gang returning yet again, we are bound to have some wonderful get-togethers, hear some funny jokes (the Canadians are terrific in this area), and enjoy the friendship around the evening campfire.

For the newbies, the question is always "What is Quartzsite and why all the hubbub?" Quartzsite is an annual mega-gathering
of RV folks from all over the country. Driving into Quartzsite on I-10, it always looks like it snowed--but the white color
is from 100,000 (or so it seems) RV roofs parked all over creation. Some folks camp out in the desert for months, while
others drop by for only a weekend or a week. Vendors come from all over the USA to ply their RV-related wares (and also lots
of just regular stuff). The old timers return again and again, to find neat goodies found nowhere else--that also make
great stocking stuffers for next year. The ladies will enjoy the hundreds of vendors in several venues--plan on spending at
least three days to see it all.

The fellas will like all the RV-related products, services, and goodies in the huge RV tent--as well as the opportunity to
kick the tires on both new and used rigs brought to Q from all over the southwest. Remember to bring your walking shoes and
some folding green--just too many unusual goodies to pass by. Many old timers also find that a backpack or a two-wheeled
cart is a help in hauling all your new goodies back to your RV. (One of the advantages of the RVA spot in La Posa North
is that you are within walking distance of more than half of the venues--leave the toad with your RV.)

The RVA underground has been rather silent most of this year, and we really don’t know how many RVAers will show up in Q
this year (but so far, we know that 10 rigs will be there). So don't be afraid to come and enjoy the good times--everyone
is welcome.

The RVA Q gang (affectionately known as the RVA Quartzsite Trailer Trash gang) is a mix of singles, married folks, and
"companions", traveling in all sorts of RVs (old and new motorhomes, truck campers, 5ers, and travel trailers). The
best thing about the RVA Q gang is that everyone is an RVer, and no one puts on airs or is uppity--just plain good ol'
RVers gathered to share friendship, fun, frolic, games, and lots of laughter--and a libation or two for those so inclined.

Quartzsite is located on I-10 about 16 miles East of the CA/AZ border. It is suggested that you stop at the Ehrenberg, AZ
Flying J (just across the CA border into AZ) to fill your fuel tank--and maybe your propane tank, too. It is strongly
advised that you empty your black and gray tanks and fill your fresh water tank before you arrive in the Quartzsite area.

Since we never know what the Q weather is gonna be like, be prepared for either shirt-sleeve gatherings around the
campfire, or bundled up in several layers for very cold and windy evenings. For those of you who abhor boondocking for
even a day or two, please join us at the Rice Ranch RV park (or the other fairly new RV parks that cater to larger rigs.)

For the newbies, we suggest that you stick around for at least three days, so that you can see it all. We usually avoid
the first weekend of doing too much, especially the RV show/tent, cuz all the city slickers from Phoenix show up and the
joint is very crowded. After the weekend, it is just the usual RV crowd--but still usually quite crowded. You will have
to come, see, and experience Q yourself, and then make up your mind whether you like it or not. (Usually, most folks are
on one end of the spectrum or the other--ya love it or ya can't stand it--but not too many in the middle.)

OK, guys and gals, enough of my drivel. Come on down to Quartzsite for the annual RVA get-together, meet old friends,
make new friends, and enjoy the company of fellow RVers who are lots of fun. Load up the rig, bring your smiles and hugs
(and a sense of humor), and come on down to the annual RVA get-together in La Posa North BLM territory and at Rice Ranch
RV park. Many of the old gang will be arriving on January 15th or 16th and staying thru about the 25th or after.

If you can, please bring a bag or two or firewood to help chase the evening chill.

- - - - -

Directions, sorta: Coming in on I-10 eastbound (from California), go past the first Q exit and get off at the 2nd one (exit

Turn right and go (South) to the end of the street (a T intersection). Turn right again, and go all the way to the stop light
(you will be on Kuehn), and Hwy 95 will be crossing right to left and vice versa.

The Rice Ranch RV park is on your immediate left (at the SE corner of Kuehn and hwy 95). The entry to the BLM land is about
1/4 mile to your left (South on hwy 95). If you wish to camp on the BLM land, give us a shout and we can guide you in. (We
did this a couple of years ago while we were still at home in Auburn, and the newbie couldn't understand why we weren't at
the camp site!)

For the edification of those RVers with GPS, the coordinates to get you within hollering distance of our BLM camping spot is:
N 33 degrees, 39.313 minutes; W 114 degrees, 12.830 minutes.

Welcome to Quartzsite and a bunch of fun!

If any newbies want our cell phone numbers so you can contact us when you arrive, please PM me. Thanks.

- - - - -

Here's wishing all the RVA gang (and the lurkers, too) a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with
love, laughter, and good times.

Cheers and happy travels, Mike www.backroadtravelers.com
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 12/13/2014 6:58 AM
Once again we will miss the gathering. Its not like you guys will notice since we only made it to the very first one! Hopefully, lots of folks will show up and the weather will cooperate. Maybe next year!

Libby and John and RV the CAT Ford F 150 towing a 2017 Forest River Vibe 277 RLS Click here to see our current location
New Post
 12/13/2014 10:28 PM

Thanks, John and Libby.

We sure do miss y'all.

We keep hoping that more of the original "gang" will decide to show up--at least one more time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the whole RVA gang.

Cheers and happy travels, Mike www.backroadtravelers.com
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