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 4/10/2014 9:58 AM

What has happened to John Churn? No new pics in a long time!

Every Day is Saturday funner travelin, Ebs,Donna & Beezer the Beast & Buffy the Bitch
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 4/17/2014 10:02 PM


Thanks for checking on us.

We are doing fine.

Since we sold the RV we have been busier than when we had it.

We still have Susie's Painted furniture business going. We go to a lot of car shows with the 49 ford and we are still dealing with Paris losing her site.

She is a trouper and bumps her way around with us still enjoying life. She has a new Halo which keeps her from bumping her eyes when traveling in strange area's

I have pretty much put all the pictures we have up on the site from when we traveled. We still do a lot of trips and activities but I have been hesitant to post them fearing people would not be interested because they were not taken in an RV environment per sea, since this is an RV site.

I had some comments one time asking if this was the John churn photo site

If the members are interested in seeing the things we do I would be glad to share them with the group.

We are heading for the Keys in a month and always find things that are interesting to see

This would be a good time for the old members and lurkers to chime in and lets find out who's really looking and their opinion.

We always loved this site when traveling. It was our favorite

Paris had one eye removed via surgury and the other has been chemically removed due to hereditary glaucoma. Check out her new Halo.

Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
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 5/11/2014 11:03 AM
John, if you take some pics, post them if people don,t want to see them they don,t have to look at them.I for one sure miss the old gang on here. We don't camp much any more gas went up mobility went down. We still spend six months in Fl. Hope all is well with everyone.
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