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 1/17/2013 10:50 PM


I'm thinking on making a run up to Alaska this summer. Does anyone have an opinion of the best route out of Texas? I suppose that I'll go thru part of Canada to get to the best road but I am in doubt about where to enter. Can I take a firearm into Canada?

Later Frank
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 1/22/2013 5:36 PM


Hard question to answer, which way to go from Texas, I think it depends on what you want to see on your way to Canada. We drove it once from Houston and went straight north and then west across North Dakota and half of Montana before going into Canada. The only thing you have to do is somehow get to Dawson Creek and then go north and west from there.

Guns; no handguns no matter what. Last year you could still take a shot gun or rifle. You need to have the form filled out before getting to the entry station, get it on line. And I think it's still $50 a gun. A word of warning, the Canadian Border Guards know all Texans have and carry guns and they will turn your RV up side down looking for them. An undeclared gun, when found, is a felony and you get to see the inside of a Canadian jail. I had Texas plates on our first crossing, and no guns. They finally gave up looking for my guns after four hours.

Go up in May and come back in September, don't hurry.


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 1/26/2013 5:55 PM


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 2/18/2013 5:38 PM

Frank, we made the trip in 2006. We are fulltimers and based ourselves in Mesa, AZ that winter and then headed north and crossed the border in Montana. I wrote a multi part travelog of our Alaska trip and you can find it at http://roamingamerica.com/

I wrote it in such a way that it discussed the route, road conditions (which, of course, change all the time), and expenses (which also change). Hope it helps.

We leave for the sake of leaving
And without knowing why
We always say, "we must go.".....Baudelaire

Peace, Rich Emond http://www.roamingamerica.com 2000 Newmar Dutch Star 3858 towing a 2000 Honda CR-V "We leave for the sake of leaving And without knowing why We always say, 'we must go'.".....Baudelaire
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 2/19/2013 11:26 PM

Hi Frank:

Glad to see that you are finally ready to leave Texas and explore the beauty of Canada/Alaska.

Be aware that the Canadian border people are very unfriendly when it comes to bringing in more than a liter of hootch! Yes, Liquor is expensive in Canada, but not as much as getting your motorhome totally torn apart and then fined for any overage. (Been there, done that.)

Yes, go up through Idaho, see western Alberta, Jasper Nat'l Park, etc, then wander over to the Alaska hwy. Be sure to stop at Watson Lake and view the Sign Post Forest. (You will find several RVAers have left their signs there). Take you time in both Canada and Alaska.

On the way back down, take the western route through BC and come down the Cassiar hwy.

One thing Linda did before we ever left home--go on the Internet and get all the Alaska travel itineraries fom the various RV caravan people (FMCA, Adventure, Fantasy, etc). Look at all of them to see where "all" the tours go (good things to see), but then look at their schedules and plan to be somewhere else when they are in a particular city or campground.

We spent 2 1/2 months in BC alone, and we loved it!

Enjoy your trip.

Cheers and happy travels, Mike www.backroadtravelers.com
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 2/20/2013 12:46 PM

Frank, I agree with mike re the Cassiar. We did the Alaska Highway again in 2008 with Norm and Linda Payne up as far as Watson Lake and then down the Cassiar. Travelog of the route is here:


Another stop along the Alaska Highway is the Liard Hot Springs.

Peace, Rich Emond http://www.roamingamerica.com 2000 Newmar Dutch Star 3858 towing a 2000 Honda CR-V "We leave for the sake of leaving And without knowing why We always say, 'we must go'.".....Baudelaire
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 3/10/2013 8:03 AM
I guess it depends on where you are in Texas. We did that trip in 2000. We left from Tampa January but also attended the very first RVA rally in Harlingen. We worked our way west on US 90 but eventually headed over to CA. We went up the coast and finally crossed into Canada at Abbottsford. We were in Dawson Creek Memorial day weekend. We missed a pretty nice snowstorm at Pink mountain by two days. Like Rich we have a travelog on our website. Unfortunately when I moved to a new we host my pics didn't go with the narrative and I've never fixed them, however my wife's description of the trip are excellent. www.therollinghome.com.
Make sure you get a Milepost.
. I took two shotguns but there was no fee back then. I'm also a Texan so the rig was thoroughly searched. I don't think they believe us when we say we have no handguns aboard.
I haven't driven the Cassiar but it's on my bucket list.

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 3/15/2013 10:35 AM


Make sure you get a copy of this years Milepost before you depart. It will give you an idea of the best entry point into Canada. Most important it gives you mile by mile descriptions of every inch of the Alaska Highway. It's available at any good bookstore.

Been a while since we made the trip fm North Carolina ( 15,000 mile round trip ), but we entered just N of Glacier National Park, pressed on to Jasper, then across the Yellowhead Highway to the Alaska Highway. Wow - what a trip! 3 months of unbelievable scenery. Make sure you get to Denalia NP and the Teklanika Campground within. Happy to provide more info if you desire.

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 3/16/2013 10:30 PM

Hey Frank:

Just a reminder that the Canadians are not a bit friendly to those who dare to bring more than 1 liter of booze from the USA. (beleive me, been there, done that). Unfortunately, you will have to leave most of your beers behind (and be prepared for some rather steep prices for booze and wine). Not sure about beer, but I would guess trhat it is not cheap either. Sorry 'bout that, but felt I needed to warn you ahead of time.

Cheers and happy travels, Mike www.backroadtravelers.com
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 5/8/2013 1:43 PM

Went in 2002, but I know that things have changed and become a little more strict. As for your route, make the trip part of your destination and see all of those things you have on your "Bucket List".

My wife is a wino so we had a case with us. She made a list of all the items we thought to be restricted and gave it to the guard. She questioned very carefully about firearms, lectured us about the pitfalls of Canadian law and then asked us again if we had any. Did have some fruit that we had to dump and then went into the office where I expected to pay duty on the booze. Questioned us about our ability to handle break downs and if we we were financially okay. Wished us a good trip and that was it. No tax etc. possibly it was because we were just passing through to Alaska or they liked our honest faces. Be sure and remove any stickers such as NRA , Protected by S & W and the like.

Don G.

WIT 70041
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