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 9/21/2012 6:01 PM

This is my first post so bare with me please. In 2000 I followed some fulltimers religiously on the internet in all their travels. I couldn't wait for the monthly updates on their travels. I still follow Big Bad John and Runaround Sue even though they are now out of the motorhome business. Whatever happened to John Veach, Rich Edmonds, Norm Payne and the Holders. Just wondering if they are all okay. Really miss their travel posts. Thanks

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 9/22/2012 11:14 AM


They are all fine and doing well as the last time I talked to them.

Rich & Diane Emond are the only fultime's left of the original group. They spend their winters in Port St. Lusie near his Mom. I think Richard & Patsy King are still doing some traveling. They came in on the group as things were starting to fade away

John V & Libby live in Del Rio with a RV Port lot. He spends his spare time chasing and working FEMA events.

Norm & Linda built a house I think somewhere in Alabama. I checked his website and they had pretty much quit traveling in 2008. They were a couple of 2011 entry's.

The Holders bought a house somewhere in Texas and settled down.

Those were the days. We started in June of 1998 and stayed for 3 years. Probably the best 3 years of our life. We still post our travels on the photo forum. We were only 53 & 51 years old at the time, some of the youngest full timers out there.

The stock market was booming, diesel fuel was 98 cents a gallon, we all had buy out money to support buying an RV and seeing the country. This site was the place to find RV knowledge and all the members at the time were gaining experience in the lifestyle and very willing to share.

It wasn't uncommon to drive across several states to attend a get together in Quartsite or go into Mexico for a Copper Canyon Adventure.

Today all that has changed. High fuel , low stock market returns, and the general lack of enthusiam has taken it's toll. I don't think it will ever be the same, but we have our memories and the lifetime friendship of all the members we met and shared experiences at the time.

As they say, What A Ride


Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
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 9/23/2012 8:52 PM

I don't go to forums much anymore but decided to check in on RVAMERICA. It was the best at the time I was doing my research back in the late 90s and then on into the 2000s.

First, hey John, you sold your Dutch Star? Given up on motorhomes or did you get a new one?

Brusser, it's true that Diane and I are the only ones left of the original group from that era still fulltiming. Writing travelogs became work so I haven't written one since around 2009. But we still travel and I put photos up every now and then on my Facebook page.

John and Libby Veach live at Fort Clark Springs in Bracketville, TX. We were out in TX this summer for a grandson's graduation from basic training at Lackland AFB and stopped to see the Veachs. They love it there but it wouldn't be for us as it really is the boonies to us.

We also stopped to visit Don and Liane Holder. They live in Georgetown, TX.

We also stopped on the way west to visit Norm and Linda Payne. They did build a house at the Escapees park, Rainbow Plantation, in Summerdale, AL.

We are pretty much six and six now as we spend winters in Port St Lucie, FL where my mom is in assisted living. We are now in our 13th year of fulltiming and have talked about getting a place, probably in Florida. We would plan on keeping the motorhome.



Peace, Rich Emond http://www.roamingamerica.com 2000 Newmar Dutch Star 3858 towing a 2000 Honda CR-V "We leave for the sake of leaving And without knowing why We always say, 'we must go'.".....Baudelaire
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 9/24/2012 10:51 PM
 Modified By MikeDesch  on 9/24/2012 9:52:50 PM

Hi there Guys and Gals:

Hmm, fill me in if I am in error, but I thought that Steve and Amy Turney were still full-timing, although staying pretty near Houston due to medical issues.

Virg and Sharon Hoff (promovirg) are still galavanting around the US, and they always show up at the annual RVA get-together in Quartzsite!

Mark and Sue Didelot are still traveling (and sometimes work-kamping) and are frequent campers at our RVA Quartzsite outting.

Yes, Richard and Patsy King (king) are also back on the road, but not necessarily full time. They sometimes join the RVA Quartzsite gang, but sometimes the Tiffin Owners Group calls more loudly than the RVA Trailer Trash Gang.

Chuck and Lorainne North have been full timing for a few years now (with a short outage due to some employment). Chuck and Lorraine are also frequent campers are the RVA Quartzsite bash. They are the only ones (other than Richard and Patsy) that regularly publish a blog of their travels.

Bob and Linda Klynne are also still full-timing, as far as I know. They also occasionally join us in Quartzsite. They, too, now and then publish a blog of their travels.

Also, Karl and Sandy Park are still on the road, but not traveling as far as in the past. Now and then they join us in Quartzsite for a week of fun and frivolity.

Can't think of any other full-timers still on the road--but then again, maybe its my feeble memory that is falling down on the job.

Linda and I are still thinking about another "round the US" tour in maybe 2014, but we haven't made any defininte plans.

Cheers and happy travels, Mike www.backroadtravelers.com
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 9/25/2012 11:30 AM

I don't know most of those folks, at least not by name. I know the Kings and the Turneys. I still have contact with the Turneys and they do stay around the Houston area a lot.

When Diane and I started out there were three couples with whom I was in touch at that time: Jim & Patti Hammond; Norm and Linda Payne; John and Libby Veach. Then we started to meet others along the way.

Peace, Rich Emond http://www.roamingamerica.com 2000 Newmar Dutch Star 3858 towing a 2000 Honda CR-V "We leave for the sake of leaving And without knowing why We always say, 'we must go'.".....Baudelaire
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 9/25/2012 2:32 PM

Thanks guys for the reports. Glad everyone is doing fine, but I really enjoyed travelling with them for a few years through their forums. I guess I'll just have to start over from the beginning and reread them. I would have thanked you sooner but couldn't remember my login info (getting old).

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 10/3/2012 11:51 AM

I joined RV America back in 1997 I think and in 1999 Linda and I retired and hit the road fulltime. At the Y2K Rally in Texas in early 2000 we finally got to put faces with names and many of those people are still friends today. It was so exciting back then - being retired (ages 54 & 49), meeting new people, so many new places to visit and wondering what was over the mountain and around the next curve.

We traveled fulltime ten years and one month before putting down roots. We visited 49 states, Mexico and Canada from coast to coast. I enjoyed writing a website during most of those years, but it got too time consuming so I quit.

We designed our retirement home and built in Escapees Rainbow Plantation in southern Alabama. Everyone in the community is former or present RVers and we love the community where we are very active in the activities. We still do a lot of traveling and we're out in our motorhome between 4 and 6 months a year.

Through RV America in 1999/2000 we met Rich and Diane Emond, John and Libby Veach, Don and Liane Holder, Kirk and Pam Wood, and many others. We still correspond almost daily with these friends and meet them when we can. We have traveld with the Emonds to Mexico, the Canadian Maritimes, the Canadian Rockies, across Texas, Arizona and southern California, plus other places.

It is nice hearing what our "old" friends are doing now.

Norm and Linda Payne

Norm www.SeeYa-DownTheRoad.com
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 10/4/2012 2:55 PM
 Modified By johnchurn  on 10/4/2012 5:23:14 PM

It's great the old gang is still around and doing fine. It was a real treat to hear from Norm.

We started about a year before most of the mentioned members. All of our research for going on the road fultime was from the library or this forum. We had never camped or owned an RV, but we were determined to go on the road for at least a year. We stayed 3. In that time we went around the US 3 times and did all the 48 states, a lot of Canada and went on the famous Copper Canyon Train trip in Mexico for 27 days. Once we hit the road we only got to join the forum when we could find internet access using the campground offices phone. Remember Dial Up? I distinctly remember sitting in the floor of the office in a campground in the Keys with their phone jack cord unplugged from their computer and stretched across the counter hooked to mine. We could only stay online about 10 minutes at a time. Usually this was only enough time to check email, and very little time to check the RV site. In 1998 there were no cell phones and no GPS to navigate the country. We relied on a Flying J truckers map, A exit authority book, for knowing what was on each exit of the interstates and a Coast to Coast camping book. WiFi had not been invented yet.

We were in Moses Lake, Wash when we bought out first cell phone from AT&T. $ 100.00 a month for 600 minutes, no roaming or long distance charges. It was a life changing event. No longer did we have to wait in line at the campgounds using the phone for calling 800 numbers to make reservations, sending our mail ahead, or just talking to our friends telling them where we were and what we were doing. We had a 206 number and that really threw all our ours friends off kilter who had caller ID. They soon got used to it.

Membership campgounds were the in. Most of us had resale Coast to Coast memberships. $ 8.00 a night. Of course it didn't take long to find out to use them sucessfully you had to have others to supplement your primary membership. Their was another option, and for the life of me I can't remember what it was named, but up in the Oregon, Washington State Area you needed it to get into a lot of the membership campgounds for the good rates. Maybe some of the old timers can refresh my mind. We also had Campers Club of American at the time. Between these three we could pretty much stay on the road for $ 56.00 a week.

I remember Kirk as one of the oldest members. Slideouts were new at the time. He didn't have one, but that's what everone was wanting. He used to complain about all the negatives of owning one. I wonder if he ever gave in. I also remember John Veches count down and his choice for the Big D.

One of our worst decisions at the time was not going to the 1 st Quartsite event. We were one year into fultiming and were on the East Coast doing a home sitting job for a company called Home Sitters on Wheels. It just didn't fit into our schedule to run back over to the West Coast for the Event. As time went on a lot of the members I grew to know attended that event and we should have been part of it.

Fulltiming was a great experience. We met a lot of people we still stay in touch with.. We didn't get to meet up with Norm,John V, The Holders & Rich until later years at the Tampa RV show. I had followed them and knew a lot about them just from this forum. When I look back, I see us all as the Standard of Fultiming in those days. We had seen,owned,used and had just about one of everything that was available for RVing at the time. Also we met Dutch & Stan at the same event.

We may have sold the RV but we still have our memories.

Big Bad John & Runaround Sue & Paris *Hammock,Florida* *97 Dutch Star Diesel* *76 VW Bay Window Bus* *91 Classic Harley Davidson* *1949 Ford Lead Sled* *2012 HD LSV
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 10/4/2012 10:31 PM
 Modified By MikeDesch  on 10/4/2012 9:32:29 PM

Thanks guys and gals:

This post has become a real nostalgia generator (and even aggitates the mental marbles).

It is encouraging to note, however, that the RV spirit may be reduced somewhat, but it is NOT dead.

It is always encouraging when returnees to the annual RVA Quartzsite Trailer Trash gang come back another year and manage to bring along some newbies to experience the unusual setting and venues of Quartzsite.

Yep, we will be there again this year, and already be have some newbies who will supposedly be there.

As with many of the folks on this board, Linda and I are both getting a bit older and more wrinkly, but the spirit is still there (at least for awhile). As John said, the memories will always be with us, whether we have an RV or not.

Sure is nice to have some of the old timers chime in with their thought. So good to finally hear from Norm and Rich!

Cheers and happy travels, Mike www.backroadtravelers.com
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 10/8/2012 7:00 PM
Yes, most of us who traveled together or met at rallies still keep in touch. When we go east, we stop to see Norm and Linda. Rich and I have played golf a few times in the last few years. Mike and Linda stopped to see us a couple of years ago. Liane Holder and I work together at FEMA from time to time during disasters.
We still have our 99 Discovery but only put 14 miles on it last year! Fuel is just to damn expensive for us to travel like we used to.
Rich, Norm, Kirk, Don and I exchange emails almost every day. We don't keep up our website anymore. I haven't updated it for three years.
We would have rolled the D out in September to visit our son in Telluride, CO but I got deployed to Louisiana for Hurricane Isaac as did Liane Holder. Another of our RV buddies and now a neighbor, Sally Stribling also deployed to that one.
I keep in touch with Ray Baker who was very active with the chatters. He is an insurance adjuster so we swap stories about disaster work.
RV Dave and I email from time to time but we haven't seen each other since Quartzsite back in 2001 or 2002 whenever we last went.
We live on an old Cavalry Fort in Brackettville, TX about 30 miles east of Del Rio and the Mexican border. I have the rig and a small home under a 40 x60 roof over. Kirk and Pam have a similar setup east of Dallas. Don and Liane have a home in Georgetown, TX. As said before, Norm and Linda have a home at the Plantation in Alabama. All of us still have our RVs although I think Liane told me that they just sold theirs. The Woods have downsized to a pull behind.
Our fulltime adventures are something we will never regret but we have moved on and are quite happy here on the fort. When we go out in the rig we do get to the point where we are ready to go home after 4 or 5 weeks. I play a lot of golf, belong to the woodcarvers and gun club here and generally enjoy our current lifestyle. We live in an RV community so it's not like a typical stick and brick neighborhood. All of our neighbors are rvers and come and go frequently.
We still have special friends in this RV community and will always be rvers no matter what kind of rig we have or not!

Libby and John and RV the CAT Ford F 150 towing a 2017 Forest River Vibe 277 RLS Click here to see our current location
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