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 7/2/2002 10:23 PM
What are the thoughts/comments about masks (bras) on class A motorhomes? I am torn (no pun intended). I like the idea of what it can do to protect the front end, however, I have seen some that sure don't seem to fit very well. I am also a bit concerned about what they may do to the finish under the material. Larry

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 7/2/2002 11:24 PM
Larry, I too would like something to protect the front end but every bra I have seen has caused some paint damage underneath plus quite a few of them have been torn to tatters from rock & gravel damage. There will be those that like them...Good luck on finding something....
Happy Motoring, Butch Nancy Lake, Alaska This message was edited by Butch on 7-2-02 @ 10:30 PM

Happy Motoring, Butch & Sharon Nancy Lake, Alaska OR Mission, Texas
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 7/3/2002 5:33 AM
I have never wanted one for my MH after seeing the abrasion which took place on the hood of my car. And easy put on or take off is a myth! :) Frank FitzGerald

=-= Frank FitzGerald [Boston] 37' RexAir Saturn Toad No Kids/Pets on Board
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 7/3/2002 6:25 AM
Our present coach had a front bra when we bought it. They are nice to use in love bug season in the South. I have a few things that should be done if you get one. Remove it often to clean the back because it will get dirt behind it and can be abrasive to the paint you are trying to protect. Take off and dry out when wet and I leave mine off most of the time. I have heard of paint blistering and being abraded on coaches that the bra was left on all the time. Richard & Babs Ames '97 Beaver Patriot BAC Member Central Florida

Richard & Babs Ames '97 Beaver Patriot BAC Member Central Florida
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 7/3/2002 6:41 AM
We have a bra on both the car and the motorhome. I find the MH bra keeps a lot of the rock dings off the rig and also helps with bug removal. I take the bra off when we are sitting for more than a few days and always wax and polish under it regularly. The bra for the toad also comes off without a great deal of effort. It tends to accumulate grit and mud, so frequent washing and waxing is called for there too. I'd say its about 50/50 with us as to the value of those bras. While they certainly help protect the toad and the front cap of the motorhome, they also require more care and do on occasion tend to abraid the underlying paint. Its a question of a couple of scuff marks vs rock dings and I don't have the answer! I think we are going to get one of those removeable toad bras that cover the entire front of the toad including the windshield. We now use a windshield cover on the toad, but on of those one piece covers might do a better job of protecting it. When we last traveled the Alaska Highway, we got a few pebble pits in the windshield before we put the windshield cover on. We have been on a number of roads in the lower 48 that have had gravel surfaces and those are the ones that get you!
John Veach

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 7/7/2002 3:44 PM
The 3M film mask wasn't readily available when we bought our MH in Feb 2000. Now it is and the price has dropped also. We bought the bra. It is Ok and you can manage the abrasion by taking it off periodically and cleaning berhind it. You have to remove it to get at the engine or the genset depending on if you have a gas or a pusher. It is a bit of a pain, however.
It doesn't make cosmetic sense for me to change now because of the grommets and the holes they leave or patching them in.
If I were ordering new I would definately get the film.
Skip 2000 3859 DSDP Spartan-Pathinder toad

2000 3859 DSDP Spartan-Pathinder toad
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 7/8/2002 8:44 PM
I like the 'plexiglass' front-end protectors I've seen on some of the motorhomes I've been looking at - seen a lot of them especially on the Monacos. Comes off easily enough with a few wingnuts to allow you access to the "hood" - in most cases I've seen it's usually the genset. Good luck in whatever you settle with. My ol' '94 is pocked to death and I've replaced the windshield TWICE!! Enough rocks already....
Happy trails! :) Gene Dwiggins, San Antonio TX 1994 34' Fourwinds class A 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport toad

Gene Dwiggins Blanco, TX 1984 Shasta 35L 5'er, 2014 Ford F350 Super Duty Platinum dually crew cab 6.7 turbo diesel
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